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  1. kckess

    Cr 125 Graphic Help?

    Here's a thread about how to do it. It lacks some detail, so I assume it must be rather simple. I'm curious if you really need to change the airbox? I wonder if you could just trim the 02-07 airbox graphics to fit. http://www.allthingsmoto.com/forums/f-31/started-my-conversion-40098/
  2. kckess

    Post pics of your CR's

    Cool flames girl! Why are you on the block?
  3. kckess

    Post pics of your CR's

    The graphics are from a smaller company called Doxo Racing. Give 'em a call and see if they still have graphics for our older bikes. My graphics are actually peeling and won't last through the summer. I need to start exploring my graphic options.
  4. kckess

    Post pics of your CR's

    My first Honda after 42 years of living.
  5. kckess

    New guy with a new CR125

    The graphics came on the bike, they look nice, but not for long with Crash riding it Thanks for the welcome guys, I'm hoping to take it out this Saturday for my first ride on it
  6. kckess

    New guy with a new CR125

    I've switched from green to red. I sold my KDX200 and bought this 2000 CR125. I liked the KDX but I feel like I can ride more aggressively on a MX bike. I bought this bike for $1,250, It's in excellent shape with new tires, levers, brake pads, o-ring chain and sprockets. It has a Fatty pipe with a shorty silencer. I plan on racing either 200c or senior hare scrambles in MHSC, but the old guys are pretty fast! For now all I plan on adding are bark busters and a skid plate. I'm looking forward to being a part of the Red Riders!