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    going GREEN tommorow

    mate keep telling yourself the kx450 has had more testing than the 06yz450 because im not believing any of it.06 yammi might be new but its still using the same tried and trusted(8 years)of yammi research and development,sure all the 06 bikes are awesome but none have reliability of the yamaha period.lets see how that head and valve train go?lets hope its not like what hondas,kawa' suz,ive seen over the last few years because they have seemed to be money pits.had to have my say sorry if this offends but its my view.
  2. ifitaintbluitspoo

    WR 450 Maintenance

    Just looking through website seems awsome but I have heard the same thing about CRF 450x. transmissions. Side Track magazine (Australian trail bike magazine) went to test two of the bikes both had transmission problems maybe if you wanted to get a copy of the article you could get in contact with Side track.