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  1. Addza

    Jetting issue?

    Right!! Off comes my exhaust again. I can hear any leaks... but the slightest leak could be doing it I guess.
  2. Addza

    Jetting issue?

    Dont he revs rise when you screw it in? Either way, I shall do it that way and see how I go. I must have a small leak somewhere because even at 3 turns out I am popping a little on decel. Not much, but it seems more than it should be. Thanks for your help
  3. Addza

    Jetting issue?

    While on the Air/Fuel topic. Can someone tell me, where you have it set to start adjusting the screw. What I mean is, I can wind it out until the revs drop, but then I could wind the idle speed up to correct this.... so how do you find a starting point or does it not matter? Does this make sense? Im guessing that once the bike is warm... start with the mixture about 2.5 turns out, then set the idle.... I have FMF Q, 160 Main, Airbox mod and K&N. Any advice would be great, Im new to the DR and I am learning from you guys.
  4. Addza

    Will be getting a new jet kit

    What does disconnecting the throttle position switch do?? I am in Oz and have the same on my bike. Im also playing with the carb to get rid of a flat spot between Main and Pilot. Im running a common setup of DJ kit with FMF Q, Airbox mods etc... but I dont seem to be able to get things quite right yet.
  5. Addza

    Jetting issue?

    I am having a similar problem, but mainly when riding around at 1/4 throttle. I found it would cut out or start running really bad after cruising around. I put the fuel tap in the "Pri" position and it seems fine. It only seems to do it when the fuel tap in the "On" position. I dont know why this is the case, but I am going to take a closer look at the vac lines etc. Oh... I have 98 Dr650 FMF q, Dyno Jet Kit with 160 Main and all the recomended settings at sea level.
  6. Addza

    *Newbie* 98' DR650 Cutting out after 100km/h cruise

    Thanks for all your advice guys!! I have just joined the other forum also, so hopefully I can find Pete for some help with getting the service manual. Then I won't be as mechanically Dumb about this bike
  7. Addza

    *Newbie* 98' DR650 Cutting out after 100km/h cruise

    Thanks Dave! and thanks for not mentioning that the All Blacks keep thrashing the Wallabies! I set the fuel screw to 2.5 turns out.. It seems pretty fine just running around the streets. It was just after a constant cruise at 100kmh.. The bike chugs along at that speed with very little throttle, so I guess it is running lean on the pilot.. The slide has been drilled. I will get a service manual ASAP so I know what I am looking at. The bike does run pretty well and the header is not glowing like it used too.. Just a little prob to sort out. Oh.. I will get Jesse's Fuel screw too. I got an FMF Q off him, Im better he sent one to you also?
  8. Addza

    *Newbie* 98' DR650 Cutting out after 100km/h cruise

    I need a service manual or something... I have no idea what is what!! I did another test run and found that when cruising at 100km/h on the flat, I can do it nicely with the throttle turned not even a 1/4. So I think maybe the pilot jet is too small????? How do I adjust the float??? Boy am I dumb compared to you guys!! I will learn!
  9. Hi people, I have a 98' DR650 (at sea level), I recently got FMF-Q, Dynojet kit 160 Main etc. as per DynoJet instructions. I dont have the adjustable screw yet.. what does it do? I have drilled 28 6mm holes in the top of the airbox (not cut out yet) and after cruising on the highway at 100-110km/h the bike coughs and splutters when I let the throttle off. When I put the clutch in, it stops. It seems that it most run hot and when I try to let it idle, it just cant run. It was fine cruising through traffic at 60km/h... stopping and lights and starting, but the above happened after sitting on the freeway. I thought I should cut the entire top of the airbox out, but this cutting out seems to indicate its running lean. Your help or advice please?? Cheers