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  1. StevenT

    CrowerPower G2 Cam Installed!

    Redbeard450 said: "Since Dan regrinds the stock lobes, he takes material away to get the lobe profile that he wants, this means that thicker shims are needed to make up the difference. I went from 180 shims on both intakes to 255 shims on both intakes, so a difference of 0.75 mm." I'm fairly new to this arena, but could a cam swap then be at least a temporary fix to an intake valve going to zero clearance? Meaning, if you went to zero clearance, you could swap to a G2 cam and magically have .75mm additional shimming? I have a newish '06 and my clearances are fine, just thinking out loud about what might help people with valve problems.
  2. StevenT

    KX100 and head shake??

    Sorry to hear about your nephews injuries!! Could he be too big for the bike? If he is taller/heavier than the bike is set up for, there is too little weight on the front end and it will get twitchy as hell. Ask me how I know. No broken bones but a pretty good scar. With the big wheels of the kx100, a taller/heavier rider feels really comfy on it. But when you sit towards the back of the bike, all of the weight is on the rear, very little on the front. The tiniest rut at speed sets it off and down you go.
  3. StevenT

    Which is quieter?

    Which of the following silencer setups would produce the least noise: Stock Stock with Promoto Billet spark arrested endcap with silent insert FMF Q2 Thanks, Steven
  4. I know this is for a smoker, but thought somebody might be able to help. I just bought an '05 KX100. I am a 38 year old guy thats 5'6" and 155 lbs. Coming from a CRF230, this thing is feather light and FAST. I ride woods/trails, where some decent jumps have been built in. Obviously, I am a little outside the expected weight range for this bike and need to modify the suspension. Regarding springs, race-tech's site says that the stockers are .29 forks and 4.7 shock. They recommend .33 and 5.4. Do these seem appropriate? Also, I would like to avoid the cost/downtime of a revalve and replace springs only. Will spring replacement only be decent? Thanks for any help you can give!!
  5. StevenT

    Stock Digital Instrument Panel on the CRF 450X

    I found the manufacturer's web site: http://www.acewell-meter.com/ Scroll down and you'll see the ACE-37XX / ACE-38XX Series gauge. The website says they have a distributer in Oceanside, Kalifornia. Electrosport Industries electrosport.com 1-760-433-0184 Somebody buy this and report back!!