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  1. jeremyM

    Wiring question

    the cut wire is red.
  2. jeremyM

    Wiring question

    Why does the nuetral light still work? I didn't shear all the wires, so maybe the one that is sheared is a ground or something. Hmmm
  3. jeremyM

    Wiring question

    The battery charges, the nuetral light works, and I've bipassed the kikstand switch a long time ago. As far as I know, it is the only cable that attaches to the cases directly below the front sprocket. the wires mold into a foam piece that is screwed onto the cases.
  4. jeremyM

    Wiring question

    I think only 1 or 2 wires are spliced. The nuetral light still works, and so does the generator.
  5. jeremyM

    Wiring question

    I tore an electrical cable on my 2004 DRZ 400s, but the bike still runs. I'm a little confused becasue I'm not sure what it is for. Maybe you guys can help me. It is the cable that hooks into the cases below the front sprocket. Does anybody know what its for, and If I need to replace it?
  6. jeremyM

    What to do to make the DRZ potent?

    Maybe you should consider buying a WR 450 and getting a dual-sport kit from Baja Designs. It would probably be cheeper in the long run, and you will have a lighter, more powerfull bike than if you had modified a DRZ. I bought a new DRZ 400s, but I wish I would have gotten a used WR instead. I don't think you could ever get a DRZ 400 to perform as well as a WR 450. The DRZ was not designed to be a fast-light bike, just a trail bike.
  7. jeremyM

    longer shift lever

    Thanks for the advise guys. I guess I'll be getting the IMS shifter.
  8. jeremyM

    longer shift lever

    I was wondering if anybody else has had problems with notchy shifting on there DRZ. Mine shifts terrible. I'm thinking of getting a longer shift lever so my bike will shift consistently smooth. I figure that the extra leverage should do the trick. Does anybody know where I can get a longer aftermarket shift lever?
  9. jeremyM

    Eiback fork springs in RM forks, Help me out.

    If the springs are set up that stiff for a motocross bike, I'm sure they will be really stiff for the woods. The extra weight of the DRZ will help compress the springs, but I think you may have a stiff ride. I'm no suspension expert, but that is my 2 cents. By the way, are you getting aftermarket triple clamps. The stock clamps wont hold your new forks. Once you get all the bugs worked out, I think you will have a sweet bike. I've got stiffer Race-Tech springs in my forks, but wish I had gone even stiffer. Good Luck
  10. jeremyM

    Is the drz400 easy to balance

    I'm 5'-9 1/2" and the DRZ 400s works for me. I'm on my tip toes at stop lights, but under way, I'm just fine. The bike is easy to balance. If there aren't any other cars at the intersections, I'll stop and balance there for a second, then go again without putting my foot down. The only place where I have troubles with the seat height is in the mud. Its hard to catch yourself when you can barely touch. I have a hard time holding the bike up on my toes when I'm sliding out in the mud. On the street though, you will be fine.
  11. jeremyM

    DRZ400s good trail bike

    I have an '04 DRZ -400s and It works pretty good on the trails. It needs a lot of mods to make it decent though. First of all, you have to change the gearing to 14-47 or 14-49. The stock gearing is terrible in the woods. You must also stiffen the forks with aftermarket springs. As stated by Toadyfatz, the tires must go. I run regular old Dunlap 756 dirt tires. In order to pass inspection, you must have the dual sport tires on though. The DRZ works o.k. for the woods, but if you are serious about trail riding, I would recomend buying a used CRF-x or wr and making it street legal. You would have a 50-60 lb lighter bike and a lot more response out of the motor. My buddy bought an '04 CRF 250x that he made street legal and I wish I had done the same. I can go a lot faster on his bike than mine, and I hardly ever ride it. I'm not saying the DRZ isn't a good trail bike, but iit s a better street bike than a trail bike. Its biggest problem is its massive girth. 291 lb dry weight is a lot to muscle around the woods and jump. If you get a race bike and put a baja designs dual sport kit on it, you will be ready to ride right away with no other modifications. I wish I had done that.
  12. jeremyM

    DRZ 400s Bogs off bottom

    Is that bog a result of the heat?
  13. I have a 2004 DRZ 400s. I installed a DynoJet Stage 1 jet kit along with cutting a 3x3 hole in the air box. I am running: 140 main jet 22.5 pilot 2.75 turns out (Adjusting makes very little difference) needle on 4 clip The bike bogs off idle really bad, but after a slight hesitation, the power kicks in and it runs pretty good. This winter and spring, the bike ran great, but now that it is getting hot outside, it bogs really bad. Any suggestions?
  14. That looks like a pretty cool trail. Seams as if the WR's were kicking but out there.
  15. jeremyM

    Relocate the key/ignition

    You can take the mounting bracket off the key/ignition and bend it. If that doesn't work, I'm sure you can easily relocate it.