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  1. Mrlieu

    Tell me which mods

    I want to do something about the bog it has when giving it a hand full. Does the JD kit eliminate this ? Are these kits easy to install ? If i do the YZ timing thing, could i maybe gear it differently to compensate ? - say a 48/14 ?
  2. Mrlieu

    Tell me which mods

    I'm confused, too many posts, too many jet sizes, jd, bk, it all starts to blend into one big I live in Victoria Australia, and i own a 01 WR426. i want to know what i can do to it to make it a lethal machine. it is all stock except the pipe, which is a Barretts. Should i do the yz cam & timing thing ? What sizes should the jets be ? Should i get a kit for the carby ? What octane fuel should i be using ?
  3. Mrlieu

    '79 XR500 Starting Questions

    Nice looking XR500. I had one a few years back that i restored from the ground up. I put a White Brothers piston kit in it - 540cc 13.5:1 compression - then threw the motor into an xr600 frame, single shock on the back. Then i ran it on methanol for a while, it used to haul arse. with just standard compression you should be able to start yours without the cable if you get it on TDC every time.