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  1. Hey thanks guys. I will have a quick check of my grounds. Its definately Coil voltage I'm getting!
  2. I have a 2005 WR250F, it has the ignition call and the plug cap in one assy. Whenever the engine is started I get HT shocks through the Clutch and Front brake levers. My primary coil measures 0.3 ohms, the manual states that it should be 0.1 ohms max. The secondary coil measures OK. Could this be the culprit. Any help much appreciated. Thanxs
  3. Has anyone in the UK got a YZ250F tank for sale 03 to 05 model?
  4. Denfrac

    Help for short YZ newbie!!

    Just curious, I'm purchasing the lowering link to allow me to dab the ground in washout situations, i.e clipping rock with front wheel. I do recon that it will adjust the geometry of the bike, as on the WR250F it you cannot move the forks up too far to counter this as they will hit the handle bar. What I've also purchase are a set of rimerez bar raisers. They allow you to raise the handlebars about 5 - 15mm. Blueangel - you could probably cut the seat a little, not much as if you cut it to the foam ala freestyle, it'll be way to wide and ironically be worst (messed this up on my yz125). Even better, if you don't do a lot of milage, you may be able to get a YZ 250F seat and tank for your WR someone told me it may be lower (and more uncomfortable) and the tank seat ergo's suit smaller people. IMO shorter people seem to stand more than sit i.e. carmichael, Stephen Merrimen. Will write later to see how these changes effect bike.
  5. Denfrac

    anyone had a swingarm bolt that WOULD NOT come out?

    Got a new WR250F '05 shop model, but brand new at good discount woohoo. Anyway, thats why I'm on this forum. Just had to saw the bolt out of a TRX400 quad. Me and a few friends tried to hammer it, soak it in WD40, didn't heat it though. In the end we tried to press it out. We used a socket to fit over the bolt head and tried to press it out. The socket actually started to act like a cookie cutter on the frame!. Anyway, decided that perhaps least damaging to the motor/frame was to saw it out. Awaiting new bolt now. On close inspection, the left swingarm needle bearing had been dead for a while and the collars and the bolt had become one. I brought the TRX (XR400 setup) second hand and can only guess that repeated power washing and lack of greasing of the bolt caused this. Gonna do my WR as soon as I get the mountainsport lowering link.
  6. Denfrac

    Tech 10 or SG10

    From a short riders point of view, can any of these boots allow you to tip toe?
  7. Denfrac

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Amazing thread! I have a 05 WR450 (not the lowest of seat heights) and I've basically addapted it as much as I can to allow for my 30" inseam, and I've decided to get the suspension lowered. I'm hoping to DIY it myself in stages so that over time I can reach a compromise between being able to touch the ground and handling of the motorcycle. In a nut shell, I was hoping to limit the travel off the suspension, and then set up for my riding ability/weight from that point. The main question is: what is changed to limit the extension of the forks and rear shock?
  8. I'm in the same pradicament, I have a 2000 YZ125 and and 2005 WR450. Initally, i got the 450 because most of my riding was trails/commuting. Due to differnent working hours, I only use one or the other over the weekends, and never for commuting any more. The idea is to sell both bikes and get a replacement along the lines of the new KTM offroad models. However I just like the yammies. I'm more of a small bore pilot (being a short@@"") so I was hoping to: Buy a WR250F, and basically split it into two roles either motocross or enduro. I do 80% enduro, and 20% really playing on the local track. Mods were: all the free mods, although may not adjust timing yet - see how that goes! Get suspension lowered and valved for a slightly more aggressive midway - a compromise I know, and hopefully be able to just move to preset klicker settings. Preferably two sets of rims, one with MotoX and one with enduro tyres. And two sets of plastics - one WR and hopefully just change out headlight mount and rear fender for motoX. I'm trying to find some multipin connectors also which will allow quick disconnect of the front and rear lights. The rest of the stuff kickstand etc will be swapped out as well. Just a few questions: Is the cam timing change still applicable on the 05's, and how does it effect the reliability of the engine (not concerned about increased mtce just overall life)? Has anyone fiited a toggle switch on the grey wire? Will the electrics of the bike suffer from having the lights etc open CCT? Is there a 'half way house' fly wheel available to try and meet a compromise in acceleration/stalling? Thanks
  9. Denfrac

    Does the klx compare to the crfx?

    The question is: What do you intend to do with the bike? If you want to trail ride with a reliable, stable mount, the KLX is a good way to go. If you want to ride somewhat more aggressively the the CRFX is the way to go. There is the corresponding trade off - reliability or maintenance. I sold my KLX a year ago and upgraded to a WR450. I did like the CRFX450, but I feel that the Yammie has definatiely proven itself as being quite reliable. I'm also missing the KLX 300. The WR450 is the superior mount on paper. But I was faster on the KLX in tight twisty stuff. The WR demands respect, and a very good riding technique to get the best out of it. The KLX was just fun. And again, incredibly quick turning, but so stable. I did find the suspension tended to get out of shape at anything near race speeds. I'm still entertaining the thought of getting a second hand one, valving the suspension, fitting a pumper carb and a 340cc kit. With the KLX, its all about the rider. The only down side with the KLX is that it is dated. If Kawasaki ditched the CV carb, updated the boingers, it would probably rediefine the whole XR, DR genre.
  10. Denfrac

    klx300....good? bad?

    In a nutshell, I added a baja design road legalising kit and the bike rocked for me. I'm about 5 foot nothing and never had any trouble starting the KLX. A lot of people critisise it for not having any snap of the bottom, but this is what made it perfect as the engine is so predictable. Basically keep the mommentum up and use the clutch as a power valve of sorts. Amazingly forgiving frame! You could get so out of shape, but the bike was so confident inspiring. You could lug it, or you could scream it, either way, its the most fun bike out there. With a good pilot on board, and in tight twisty conditions, the KLX will outrun most bikes out there, simply because it is so easy to ride. There's a lot of fuss about the hard starting. Follow the drill. I'm that short that when I kickstart the bike, my left leg comes up off the ground, and its always started first time. Without the KLX, there probably wouldn't have been a YZF! I own a WR450 now, but i have to say that where it may be superior in every way - I definately go a lot faster on the KLX in the dirt. Now I'm wondering why I sold it.
  11. Denfrac

    331 vs. 340

    Hello there Check out www.dirtbikestore.co.uk They do the Thumper Racing Kit. Considering it myself, but hearing about exhaust smoking problems. Still considering it though.