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  1. Does anybody know where I can buy a high-flow oil pump for my '05 XR 650 L? Do they even make one?
  2. Tleilaxu

    Corbin seats

    I ordered a Corbin seat for my '05 XR650L and it bolted right on. I have a Clarke 4.7 tank...it was a bit tight, but no grinding or prying was required. /shrug
  3. Tleilaxu

    XR 650L Horsepower- Stock vs. "basic mods"

    I believe XR650L's are about 40 HP stock. Blocking-off/Removing the smog pump, aftermarket exhaust, replacing air filter, removing/modifying the snorkel, and a jet kit oughta get you closer to 50 HP.
  4. Please check out this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=377094 I'm eager for some feedback. Thanks!
  5. Well, I'm going to try to stay on target and keep this as short as possible, but I have a lot of questions and musings...it's bound to be a rather long read. I welcome any advice or insights which will help me achieve these goals. I'm good at doing research, but would love the benefit of all your years of experience to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance, Mike. ****************************************** *BACKGROUND* ****************************************** I'm a suspension nooby. I've read several "how to" articles on-line, read my manuals, checked out my bike & played a bit with the "clickers" on the front forks and test rode the results. I enjoy "tinkering" and am fairly handy around the shop. I've been building "things" my whole life. But now I'm 38 and have finally learned enough to ask before jumping into expensive looking waters. I am 6'-0" tall and weigh about 220lbs (clothed; stout in one hand, cookie in the other...). I primarily ride my bike as a daily commuter, often on and off highways. I like to take it out for weekend jaunts into the moutains and forests surrounding Portland, Oregon. I simply LOVE the twisting asphalt! But I will NOT give up the ability to get where I want to go (aka: gravel roads & "easy" trails). The other thing I really enjoy about my bike is the ability to load it up with some camping gear (let's say, 60lbs to be safe) and disappear into the woods/mountains for a few days...poking my head out to gas up before heading right back in. I don't do this near often enough, but it's one of the reasons I selected the bike to begin with. I'm not rich, I can really only afford one bike...but I'm inventive and not unskilled. Here is my concept bike: ****************************************** *CURRENTLY INSTALLED* ****************************************** 2005 XR650L Big Gun exhaust system K&N High Flow air filter (stock snorkle still in place) Dynojet Stage I Jet Kit Smog Block-off Corbin Saddle Clarke 4.7 galon tank Scott's Steering Damper CR high-rise bars SuperB Fork Brace Aluminum luggage rack ...and a few other inconsequentials. ****************************************** *COMPLAINTS* ****************************************** A. Vibration: My biggest complaint! I believe there are two main causes of this: One is the very nature of a single cylinder big-bore and the second would be the knobby tires. (I'm on OEM tires.They're not actually that aggresive of a tread...but a lot rougher than any pure street rubber I've ever seen!) B. Wind: Another complaint is how (at highway speeds) the bike turns my chest into a sail. The upright posture is a mixed blessing. C. Saddle Height: I'm not a short man. That seat is high. D. Squishy: I've nearly dumped it a couple of times by mashing the front brake too hard on the asphalt. The front end can plummet! Aside from such displays of poor riding skillz, I know there is lots of room for improvement in how this bike performs on the asphalt. (ala: motard) E. Power curve & Speed: Last complaint is about the power curve & top speeds, but I'll leave this for another day & another thread. ****************************************** *GOALS* ****************************************** Cost is a major factor. I firmly believe in and appreciate quality products, but can care less about having "NameBrandXYZ". If possible, I will do things myself to save money. I can't rebuild a transmission...but I'm not afraid of most tasks and believe I know my limits. I have to admit to a bit of vanity as well. I would like my bike to look good, but not at the expense of performance and within reasonable cost restraints. A. Vibration: I want to eliminate the vibration which makes my hands go numb. B. Wind: Yeah, yeah...the probability of it being quite ugly is high, but I'm going to play around with a custom windshield. I'll post pics. maybe. C. Seat height: I'd really like to be able to place both feet flat on the asphalt while straddling the bike. Not as important in the dirt...but even there I'd prefer a lower seat height. D. Luggage: Another potential eyesore. But I'm confident it will work. E. Flexibility: I want the ability to easily swap between dirt & street setups: +Keep OEM wheels with DOT-approved agressive knobs and 17" wheels with road tires. Swap as needed. (seen the brake offset kits /nod.) +The suspension must be flexible as well. I would like to be able to adjust from trail (not motocross, not even close!) --> to touring (add 60 lbs of gear) --> to as-close-to Motard (aka: awesome handling on twisty asphalt) as I can afford. All with a single suspension! (maybe this is all a pipe dream? Nah...surely I can have everything I want!) ****************************************** *The Path* ****************************************** A. Wheels/Tires: + 17" wheels front & back, equiped with a good rain/road tire. + Keep OEM wheels & equip them with an aggressive dirt tire. + Seat-height should be much lower with 17" rims B. Fasst Flexx handlebar system: http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Western_Power_Sports_Motorcycle_2005/default.asp? p=452 Sounds like they work really good for guys flying some big air or fast whoopteedoos. I'm not doing that. But it also sounds like they're good for absorbing vibration. I like the sound of that! I need somebody with hands-on experience to chat with for a bit, but really hope these bars will solve my numb fingers. C. Custom Suspension, two paths: i. Rebuilding/Customizing OEM Forks: Advantage: cost savings, especially if I do it myself. Disadvantage: performance limited by the style of fork? ii. Install USD Forks: (lots of threads on this...) + Advantage: Motards use them; I envy their handling. + Disadvantage: Pricey! Even recycling them off a CR and hand milling the steering-stem shims. D. Fork Subtank System: http://www.enzoracing.com/service.html These sound interesting, but I've not completed my research on them yet. I'm curious if it would be applicable for my intended style of riding? I'm intrigued. Perhaps it (and a valve/spring job) would provide enough augmentation to my OEM forks that I can avoid switching to USD forks? E. Windshield & Luggage: I'm going to custom make a windshield and rear saddlebag subframe. ****************************************** *QUESTIONS; A plea for advice* ****************************************** 1. Users of Fasst Flexx handbars: 1a. How do they feel at sustained highway speed? 1b. How far/long did you go? 1c. How was the vibration? 1d. How do they perform on the asphalt in twists? 2. Please review the following list of combinations: New Supermotard suspension, custom valves & springs, Fasst Flexx bars, Subtank. New Supermotard suspension, custom valves & springs, Fasst Flexx bars. New Supermotard suspension (stock), Fasst Flexx bars. Used USD forks from a CR, custom valves & springs, Fasst Flexx bars, Subtank. Used USD forks from a CR, custom valves & springs, Fasst Flexx bars. Used USD forks from a CR (stock), Fasst Flexx bars. OEM suspension, custom valves & springs, Fasst Flexx bars, Subtank. OEM suspension, custom valves & springs, Fasst Flexx bars. OEM suspension (stock), Fasst Flexx bars, Subtank. OEM suspension (stock), Fasst Flexx bars. 2a. Which of the above listed configurations would be the absolute best for my intended use? 2b. Which of the above listed configurations would be the "best bang for the buck", given my intended use? EXTRA CREDIT: Place the list into an "order of supremacy", with the best being a perfect match for my intended use. (ie: I'm betting "custom OEM suspension" will be better than "CR USD stock forks", but would love to know for sure!) 3. How much vibration can be taken out of my 650's engine during a re-build? 4. Other than the engine & the tires; what else contributes to end-user vibration? (Road surface conditions, wind, etc...don't count = uncontrollable variables) 5. I'm currently considering a small/sport, fork-mounted windshield. Would this be a consideration in determining spring & valve setups...or even suspension setup in general? 6. Will I be able to lower the seat height by customizing my OEM springs & valves? (I've read numerable bad things about the lowering kits...) 7. Does the size of the wheel effect the way the suspension is set up? (springs, valves, etc?) AKA: will I be able to use both sets of wheels (21" front or 17" front) on the same set of forks and be able to ompensate/adjust the suspension appropriately? Thanks again for reading this. I'm looking forward to reading some responses.