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  1. 2002 SX 520 Has developed a no start condition. Valves in spec, new accelerator pump diaphragm, new needle in carb, new stator, new pick up coil, new spark plug. Spark looks good, by eye. First, the carb leaked, so I replaced the needle, and found the bad accelerator pump diaphram. This did not fix the issue , THEN, I thought I was getting an intermittent weak spark, so that's why the electronics were replaced. Thinking about going back into the carb. Runs awesome once started, but that is hard to do, if at all possible. What else is there!?!?!
  2. top for this weekend
  3. On Sept 2 in Springville, NY there is a amateur motorcycle hillclimb. I race every year and have a lot of fun. Pits usualy open around 9 and racing starts around Noon. Located just about 2 miles east out of the village of Springville on RT 39. It is also a good watch with cheap beers. I will be in a Red Dodge ram and racing a orange KTM 520sx.
  4. Sounds like you have this all figured out. Think wages, pension/401k/home/savings. Nothing is safe. Take or leave my advice.
  5. I am glad to see that you are all protected against someone stealing your $4,000 Motorcycle BUT.... What kind of LIABILITY Insurance did your wonderful Agent set you up with? Say that you seriously injure or kill someone out on the trail with your bike, You need to be sure that you are covered for the MILLION dollar law suites. What do you think you would be able to overcome? A $4000 loss is a crappy month, maybe crappy year. A $1,000,000 loss is a crappy life. Say you have $100,000 of liability insurance and a family member of the person you killed on the trail is suing you. Guess who writes a check for $900,000. You don't have it? They take any assets you have, INCLUDING your wages. (Future earnings) Did your Agent talk to you about Disability Inusrance for when you injure your self badly enough so that you can not go to work? State disability will not pay the bills...
  6. There is a run Saturday on the Cattaragus County Reservation just outside of Gowanda, NY. ( Not far off of the I90 Silver Creek Exit.) Starts at 10 am, it is 40 hard miles with lunch halfway, with beer & chicken dinner after I think? 20$. Id like to see some more orange bikes there. Iroquois Smoke Shop Gowanda Irving Rd, Gowanda, NY (716) 532-4449 Google will map that for you. P.S. I am in no way affiliated with this run. But I am going.
  7. I've heard of people expanding the capacity of stock tanks using boiling water & air pressure.
  8. Yeah, a lot better ways to gain power than loud exhaust
  9. Hey guys, My father and I are going to be in San Diego in late April on business, and were thinking of shooting down to Baja, Mexico to have some fun. Does anybody know any companies that do bike tours? We thought about doing 1 day on bikes, and 1 day fishing... Any advice would be appreciated This is the best website i've found: http://www.letsatv.com/
  10. lol, pulling the map out of the pocket at every intersection... I remeber that.Best trails i've ever been on.
  11. if your going to do it, you midas well get some KX forks. or look for some forks off of a KLX
  12. THanks OT
  13. I find when riding in deep snow, the faster I am moving the more stable my bike is. If i stay in first gear slow my bike slides all over the place. Stand up on the pegs and lean way back, pin the throttle, keep the front tire up on top of the snow. btw. Vermont is awesome, I am coming to visit Killington on Jan 6. What are conditions looking like??
  14. How big are you? Are you huge for the ttr?
  15. Nice Bike! Ride it.