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  1. Twowheelfury

    Xtrainer from KTM 350 XCF-W ?

    I went from a 12 350xcf to an xtrainer. Stock suspension is good for slow technical. Some new mods have improved it where you can go faster. I ride mostly technical and installed fox p2 shock and Marzocchi o.c. forks. Now it is good all around. I have no regrets
  2. Twowheelfury

    Xtrainer weight savings and OTD price

    I got tired of playing the waiting game for better suspension. I bought the bike. Geared up im 238, rode it stock for two months in gnarly and semi fast terrain. The stock suspension is not bad, especially if you spring it for your weight. If you have some skills and learn the bike, you will be able to compensate. The bike is so much fun , you won't be disappointed! I was worried aabout the stock pipe but for the type of riding I do it works well.
  3. Twowheelfury

    Xtrainer weight savings and OTD price

    I would leave the fan on unless you're not doing technical slow riding. You can remove the light and associated wiring. Put a lithium battery in it. Thats the biggest weight saver. It comes with a number plate. X Trainers are a hot commodity. If you find one , I doubt it will go for less than msrp
  4. Twowheelfury

    Xtrainer; is it all that?

    Is it jetted for your attitude? I love the responce off the bottom. It has no upper mid or top. I bought mine for technical riding. I'm usually in second, occasionally third. First is for pivot turns and getting over something from a stop. I find that I only use a third of the throttle most of the time. It usually takes me 4 hours to do 15 or 20 miles of the nasty stuff. It's impossible to go any faster. If I want to ride easier trails , I ride my 350xcf
  5. Twowheelfury

    Xtrainer; is it all that?

    Nice write upon the review and all the info you compiled. Getting geared up for Moab and found the EE spark arrestor mod from your data, thanks
  6. Twowheelfury

    Xtrainer; is it all that?

    Imo its not a beginner bike. The throttle response is instant. The front end is very light. A different throttle cam would be a smart idea. If she is good with the throttle and clutch it may work for her since she does have experience. It is lower than traditional enduros. I'm 5'10" and flat footed sitting on mine. I use it for technical riding. My 350xcf is for fast stuff. Good luck!
  7. Twowheelfury

    Lightest battery

    The only way you can get a lighter battery is to use an RC pack. They dont have the plastic case and they are cheaper(Hobby King). You can get a LFEPO4 in a flat pack configuration. They are stable and used for cordless power tools. Not as robust but in a bike should be fine. Imagine how many times an RC car tumbles without catching fire.
  8. Twowheelfury

    Beta rider gathering? TX? OK?

    I'm in Austin also. Just picked up a 17 Beta X trainer. Not even broken in. Waiting on Marzocchi forks and Fox P2 shock.
  9. Twowheelfury

    Tall knobby for low PSI

    I ran a Dunlop 756 and a Pirelli Mt 43 at the Hammer run this year. I run the Tube tech tubeless. The 756 went flat. At the fuel stop, I plugged it. The plug slowed the leak. I rode it flat for 40 miles. At times we were doing over 50. Now there aren't any rocks down there but the tire held together fine, no delamination! I switched the front to a Pirelli Scorpion Extra that I bought cheap. Dot legal 3 ply sidewall. First ride at the Bone yard, really rocky and muddy. The first lap the knobby ripped and the tire went flat. Rode the rest of the day on a flat front. You may want to give that a try.
  10. I've run Tubliss for 2 yrs. With the MT 43 on the back. It's a great combo. It isn't as sticky as a true trials tire even though it is. The knobbies stay on the tire at 50 mph down the road. I usually run between 4 an 6 psi cold. I know that other brand trials tires will loose knobbies, I have seen that. What is a good front tire with Tublisss? I'm looking for a stronger sidewall. I tried a Pirelli Scorpion Extra but after one lap at the boneyard, the knob tore and went flat. I just rode it flat for the rest of the day, no biggie.
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