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    For Oneal, I would recommend the 695 series or the 905 series. Stay away from the Titan, the face piece is really long and sticks out really far, kinda felt like if you wrecked it could really torque your head around and even dig into your collarbone area.
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    Headed in for surgery..

    Where in oregon are you?? Sounds like you caught it early and that is what is most important. Sending good thoughts your way!
  3. MotoDiva

    250 vs. 250

    I just got a new '05 CRF250x. I'm 5'4" (but have pretty short legs) and only had to have it lowered 2 inches. It cost about $600 but the WR bikes are even taller than the CRF's so you are most likely going to have to do some suspension mods regardless. But, even if you don't have to lower a bike, I recommend getting the shock and fork re-valved and new springs. Most dirt bikes are not set up for lighter riders. My 250 is the first bike I've done the custom suspension work on and it's worth it! The ride quality is so much better. So if you re-valve and get lighter springs, lowering it also isn't that much more expensive as the main cost is in the re-valving. I also highly recommend Devole Engineering in Washington. Super fast turn around, good advice, and quality work. I love my 250. I've always ridden honda bikes though so I may be biased but they have always held up really well for me and performed great. I just got back from a moab vacation with the new bike, hopefully picts will be posted soon, and the bike did great. No complaints at all! Good bottom and top end power, the bike just ripped. And it's lighter than my old 230 even though it's much bigger. And with more power, it's much easier to get the front wheel off the ground to get up the ledges!
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    Just curious if you tried any of the Oneal line in small or Xsmall? I used to have to wear kids helmet also but found that the Oneal small stuff fits quite well. Also, their helmets hold up well and are super tough (I've tested this on numerous occasions!), and aren't too insanely priced. Let us know what you find that works!
  5. It's actually really vented and breaths quite well. They are a touch on the spendy side but I fell that they are worth every penny. I've walked away from some pretty nasty wrecks without a scratch or bruise on me with the dainese jacket on.
  6. You should check out dainese.com. They are an italian company so you have to choose the English site and then find their MTB selection. They also make armour for street bike and snow sports. The one I use is called the "saftey" jacket. You can get an idea of how they work and what they look like. They are made of a pretty stretchy material so they fit really well. As far as the bust, I have seen pretty well endowed girls wearing them, I myself am not though so I have no personal experience with that. Hope this helps.
  7. I wear a Dainese Safety Jacket (under the jersey style). It has a great spine protector, shoulder cups, elbow cups, forearm plates, and a chest plate, kidney belt style strap across the belly, and is really breathable and flexible. I started wearing these for racing downhill mountain bikes originally but now wear them for dirt biking too. I've also found it helps keep the shoulders in socket too. The dainese jacket has saved me some serious hospital bills!
  8. I wouldn't recommend wearing any jewelry on your wrist or fingers. Some severe injuries can be complicated by rings or bracelets. It's not worth the risk. Although this was on my mountain bike and not on my dirt bike, I shattered my hand and wrist pretty severely about a year ago. It literelly swelled up so fast that I couldn't have gotten a ring or bracelet off in time, even if I was in the right state of mind to think of that given I also hit my head really hard and most likely wouldn't have remembered I had a ring on! Also, the medics were apprehensive to remove my gloves or gear until we were at the hospital because the trauma to my hand and the rest of my body was so bad, so they wouldn't have even seen a ring on my hand. I'm lucky I wasn't wearing a ring because if I had one on, it could have completely cut off the circulation to one of my fingers for over an hour and a half by the time I was transported off the mountain and got to the ER. I know nobody wants to be pesemistic and worry about crashing, but it's an easy step to take and can prevent some serious problems if something did happen. Cheers everyone and I hope this is never an issue any of you have to worry about.