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    Need some advice from LADIES ONLY!!

    "My SSI supports half the bills, and that is it; no future savings, retirement fun money...." Sounds like you guys can't afford to go skiing!!!!
  2. Clutchless shifting? Only on accident.
  3. Dirtbike Diva

    street bike deaths

    The Hurt Report - over 20 years old, but new research has not been conducted to replace it. Still considered valid. Volume I: Technical Report, Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures, January, 1981 - Final Report conducted by the Traffic Safety Center of the University of Southern California. I found it referenced in "Proficient Motorcycling, from Motorcycle Consumer News, The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well." by David L. Hough. I just picked it up last night and it's been an interesting read.