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  1. dfllake

    2004 Sherco 2.9 Value / Info

    All, I have the oppotunity to get a 2004 Sherco 2.9 that is in VERY good condition, never ridden in competition. He's asking 3K and coes with trials Boots / Helmet also like new. I don't know alot about Sherco? if they are good bikes?, still in business ? parts? (not to offend anyone) I would not be using it for competition but just really like trials bikes. I currently have a 87 TLR200 (stripped off all the perfect original Honda stuff put in a box) although it's a ton of fun I really want a REAL trials bike (I think I do anyway..............) So the question is......... Is 3K or even less a good deal for this bike? Thanks in advance for the reply's !!!!!
  2. Hello All: I'm look for a stock (OE) stainles steel muffler for my 06 KLX250S. The 2009 UK an Japan spec bikes have them. and it will fit. Iv'e seen so many pics of aftermorket pipes on 09 bikes that someone or two may be willing to sell their old muffler. Thanks in advance
  3. dfllake

    Tlr 200 Restro

    Turn signals will work but slowly, I ran mine for some time w/o the battery. Last winter I did the complete "strip" and weigh-in about 190. All staock parts are boxed for some day when I decide to sell her. I still have an aftermarket head-light, with a small enduro tail light, and mad a license plat bracket from aluminum. This way i'm still street legal "sort-of" but I get away with it on back roads.
  4. dfllake

    Your Klx250s Top Speed/ Speedo Error

    Mine was off about 6mph slow per my GPS. I did the "adjust the speedo mod" and got it to be within 2mph slow which is better than fast. The KLX250S forum over on the Kawasaki site has a nic e thread on the how-to. Also lots of info on big bore kits, especially the new 351 kit.
  5. dfllake

    XR200 v 200X engines

    Here's some very usefull info on the beloved Honda single I found a couple years back when I got my TLR200. I was familiar with the XR but not the TLR. Now that I have it, even though it's now a highly modified "play-bike" the thing is a blast! See links below http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~elvpc/bikes.html?file:///M:/DonF/Reflex/Vins%20Bike%20Page,%20formally%20'2strokes_html'_files/partno.html http://www.Vins Bike Page, formally '2strokes_html'_files\bikeindex.html OK The links are messed up! I have the article in a PDF but not sure how to share that either..............
  6. dfllake

    post pics of your trial bikes

    The pipe works great! I really like it. It opened things up nicley, much lighter wieght, and has a very nice tone. Ok what did I do wrong with photobucket?
  7. dfllake

    post pics of your trial bikes

    My Relic, but ot's a fun toy. http://i380.photobucket.com/albums/oo243/backseam/DSCF5666.jpg
  8. dfllake

    Scorpa TYS125F Long Ride ??

    Fester: They show a couple different mods. One of them is "lower / back" I would assume this is what I would want, but prefer not to weld on the frame if possible. Which one did you do? Thanks
  9. dfllake

    Scorpa TYS125F Long Ride ??

    yes we (I) are. Sorry for the switch-up / high-jacking if you will the thread. Many times we/I read too much into the thread and put emmotions inplace that don't belong.............. Anyway, I decided the 125cc would be lacking in the power side, so for now I'm keeping the TLR and continuing on the quest to lighten it up and dial in the handleing.
  10. dfllake

    Scorpa TYS125F Long Ride ??

  11. dfllake

    Scorpa TYS125F Long Ride ??

    Thanks for the reply's I weigh about 180 lbs. Also do not compete. I just like to play around the back woods on a trials bike. If I go further I have my KLX250S for that. I'm only thinking by the time I get me TLR complete lightened up with a fiberglass tank and allow rims, I could have the same amount of cash in the Scorpa and have a better chassis. I removed all the prestine stock parts and packed them away. Installed betor shocks, fiberglass seat pan, Wes pipe, new fenders, Pro-Taper Trials bars, got a used tank, and and removed the wire harness. It still feels heavy............ The front brake is really weak. Has any had luck with the New EBC slotted brake shoes help?
  12. dfllake

    Scorpa TYS125F Long Ride ??

    Hi all: Looking for some feed back on a 2005 Scorpa TYS125F Long Ride. Anyone have experience that can give opinions? Also what id the weight? Currently have an 87 Honda TLR200 w< 900 miles that I have spripped and tricked out almost every componet to a off road vintage trials as best it can be. The Reflex is very cool but dose'nt seem to quite have the feel I'm looking for. Still feels very heavy in the front end. Keep in mind I do not compete and only play with these things. I just realy like them. The Scorpa TYS125F just seems to be a modern version of what I currently have. Am I nuts for looking at this Scorpa seriously or are ther other things to be addressed with the Reflex to give a lighter feel. Thank You ! D- Thanks in advance
  13. dfllake

    Just bought a Honda Reflex need lighting!

    Hello: I re-worked my completely stock 87 reflex over the winter to be the original trials bike. ( as originally intended anway ) Removed all the stock components all lights, gauges, switches, wire harness tank, seat, fenders, shocks, ect. I am storing them in the event I sell it some day I can have it 100% original. I installed a UFO headlight and a enduro tail light from Kevins Racing Products that has running/brake light and is DOT. Also made a small license plate bracket that mounts with the tail light. It's barley street legal but gets by the cops if your not doing anything bad !! As usual I can't insert a photo but see my profile. DF-
  14. dfllake

    Barkbusters Anyone?

    I had some on mine but took em off cause they just seemed to bulky on the front end. ( Just My opinion ) They do work well though, I had them on other bikes and they will save your fingers and levers!
  15. Also John at Ty-Trials