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  1. Samurai-Jim

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    No, just ride the street and some track days.
  2. Samurai-Jim

    wheelwright usa or east coast wheels?

    I want to comment so bad, but I am biting my tongue for now...
  3. Samurai-Jim

    Red needle or blue needle?

    So I went with the red needle in the 5th position with the thicker oring and the 172 main. I also have the mixture screw at 1 3/4 out. It seemed to run ok sitting there after the rejet. I haven't been riding it yet because I was waiting for my SM wheels and I didn't want to kill the knobbies riding on the road, espesially if I sell the dirt setup. Well the mouse gaurded the cheese long enough. I took it over to my buddy's house today. Its got the cycle zone full light kit and its plated so other than non DOT tires I am perfectly legal. I didn't want to abuse it before the breakin either so I took it easy for the first half mile. Then while following a car at about 40 in 4th gear I did my ussual clutch up wheelie I do on the DRZ except it would never do it at that speed, and holy crap the thing was spinning the tire on the pavement and the front wheel was clawing for the sky. I got it up to the balance point and dropped it right down so I could pull into his drive way. So you say the hit could be harder? I'll have to look into this lighter flywheel... Does it make the bike stall at idle or anything? Is there a down side?
  4. Samurai-Jim

    Red needle or blue needle?

    I'm going to be riding this thing on the street doing wheelies every chance I get. The harder the hit the better... So if you started with teh blue needle, does that mean you have the red one in there now?
  5. How do you know when the bike overheated? I mean, when coolant gets hot it expands, these KTM's don't have an overflow container like so many other bikes do. So the coolant HAS to go somewhere and it goes right out the overflow and drips right onto the head pipe. The less coolant you run the more room for expansion you have. Ofcourse there should be enough in the system though. But IMO just because the coolant drips onto the head pipe does not mean it overheated, nor does it mean it "boiled over". Its just plain phsyics, heat expands, cold contracts. Thats why there are 2 markings on the overflow containers the other bikes have. Full hot, and full cold.... Did you also know that when you shut an engine off it actually gets hotter... There is now no circulation of the coolant in the water jackets so it sits there and absorbs the heat of the engine which is far greater than the temperature of the water. You obviously have to shut the engine off it can't run forever, but just thought I would throw that out since it was mentioned to shut the engine off often. Put a containement system on it and let it puke when it gets warm and suck it back in when it cools...
  6. Samurai-Jim

    Red needle or blue needle?

    Thanks for the info. Now for the next question. Use the thick O ring for SM riding right? I believe the directions say to use the thin one for off road but this will be 90% on road.
  7. Red needle or blue needle? The instructions say the red needle is for hot temperatures (above 80*F) I live in New England at sea level. We get some warm weather, maybe a months worth with it over 80* but mostly below that. Its definately desert temperatures. But it also says the Red needle is for humid conditions, that we get plenty of. I'm not sure where to start? Its an 06 525 EXC with the JD jetting kit ready to go in, and the stock pipe.
  8. Samurai-Jim

    2007 Ktm Exc 250-525

    I heard they will be orange and have a couple wheels with them.
  9. Samurai-Jim

    new 400 exc jet kit?

    I am looking at the directions for my JD kit for my 525 EXC right now. It has a whole page of instructions specifically for the 06 400 exc... It is the JDK002 BTW.
  10. Samurai-Jim

    What handgaurds are you running?

    Thats why you need a pair of these with the gaurds... http://www.bikebonz.com/images/prod/h_g_m/h_g_m.htm
  11. Samurai-Jim

    Supermoto on TV

    So if you subscribe, its only for 1 channel?
  12. Samurai-Jim

    Stunting on KTM's

    Zsolt67 where are you from? Do you work in a KTM dealership? I just bought my bike from Coastline Motorsports in Old Saybrook.
  13. Samurai-Jim

    What's the deal with cluthless d-shifting

    I think it should be noted that these techniques I've been reading posted on here are dirt techniques. On the asphault you don't use the clutch on upshifts so as to keep the suspension from getting upset while your turning or something. But the clutched downshifts are done with the bike straightup and hard on the brakes anyway...
  14. Samurai-Jim

    Stunting on KTM's

    41 views and no replies? What do I have cooties or something?