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  1. Boy named sue

    Air mixture screw

    Hi everybody I'm new here My son just came from the electric world(Razor mx350).He is four and the proud owner of a new to him pw50.I'm wondering what the air screw should be set at I'm guessing 2 1/4 turns. Also is 50:1 with good mixing oil ok?
  2. Boy named sue

    EXC 530, Berg 550, Berg 450?? WTB

    Get the Berg .Just curious when was the last time you had to fool with the FI on your car or truck?
  3. Boy named sue

    rear supermoto wheel for xrl

    thanks I'll try there.
  4. Boy named sue

    rear supermoto wheel for xrl

    I'm just wondering if anybody out there has heard of using a rear wheel off aCBR600 f2 I belive,might be the f4 I'm not sure,any imput would be great.
  5. Boy named sue

    Xrl puffin blue on deaccelaration

    Stock tube.Often wondered about that but figured the oil pump must be engineered for that size tube.
  6. Boy named sue

    Xrl puffin blue on deaccelaration

    Just wondering if anybody else has experinced this I have an 02 xrl with with 13,000 km on it I drive it hard but change the oil and clean the air filter often it has all of dave's mods done to it and to the best of my knowledge the valves have never been more than half a thou out .It is trailing blue smoke out of the exhaust on deaccelaration no smoke on start up or under hard accelaration If thinking rings but not sure it did however take in a little muddy water at the biggining of this season 8 oil changes later she was sparkly clean inside.Also thinking of putting a hot cam in if I have to tear it down anyways.Any thoughts.
  7. Boy named sue

    bike ate my pencil!

    Dick you know better that would work with a 2 stroke but a 4 come on man the pencil would have to make it's way through the valves first and I can't see that happening ."Thumper"
  8. Very cheap to do the mods for this bike to run right $50 MAYBE AS FOR COLD BLOODED it can be hard starting in the colder weather if it has sat for a while.
  9. Boy named sue

    Plug eatin kx 125

    Hey all I have a 2002 kx125 that I mostly trail ride and I can't seem to get more than 1 ride out of a plug I ride the bike pretty hard although there are times when you just can't keep it on the pipe.Is this normal or what can i do to fix this,I'm awear this a race bike but man I've had lots of other two strokes that didn't foul plugs like this one.
  10. Boy named sue

    Hitting neutral

    I'm currently using Amsoil ful synthetic and your right it does make a differece.
  11. Boy named sue

    Electricross Drift

    What about water crossings or puddles?
  12. Boy named sue

    My new land rocket

    Hey Ford you'd better hope Kelsow doesn't see that photo.
  13. Boy named sue

    Hitting neutral

    Thanks for all the replys I guess maybe when I droped it on the ice this year It's a little bent doesn't quite have the same feel I'll try your suggestions.thankx.
  14. Boy named sue

    Hitting neutral

    Hey just wondering if any of you 650l owners have any complaints about 1st to 2nd gear shifting with your bike mine seems to be getting a little harder to get to second gear .I'm hitting neutral more often than I like,any suggestions.
  15. Boy named sue

    650L Front Brakes

    Try a stainless brake line made quite a bit of difference for me.