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  1. Yesterday I sold my beloved DRZ, A bike that never let me down. A bike that truly served a do it all purpose. A True Dualsport. All made possible by the guys that are here. You guys made me appreciate my bike even more. A friendship, with guys helping me, and vise versa with people I've never met. From the beginning, as one of the first handful of people to convert the SM to dirt, I still get PM's about the conversion lol, but really I wanted to Say thank you to everyone thats helped me in the past. To the New owner.... Just know the that the attention to my, now ex bike, was like a drug, washing with toothbrushes, lubing shit that didn't really needed to be lubed, buying stuff that wasn't really needed, (lol) To everyone thats in the Thumpertalk community..... thank you, with a special thank you to these guys, that still probably don't get enough appreciation: Eddie Sisneros freewheelers william1 Natethegreat 10guy Bronco XR650L_Dave Regalman Dbrandt Roundeyehelmethead aspincop witdog sundog motoislo I know I'm missing some, but thanks for everything guys.... :ride:
  2. Anything going on the 15th of August?
  3. DRZDUal

    Its time! 2010 Pikes Peak Hill Climb!

    Good luck to you and your team eddie !!!
  4. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill Area ATV Riding

    If your plated and insured.... your good to go!
  5. How the hell has everybody been? I would love to release some stress from working 6-10hour days for the past 2 years. looking to string together a Hookie ride and a weekend warrior ride on sunday. Let me know! Randy
  6. Merry Christmas to the Tug hill Crew, and a Happy Riding New Year. Hopefully mine will actually include the riding part. :fail
  7. DRZDUal

    The Eddie Mod - not the Taffy Mod

  8. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    I believe that is Kev's son in law.....
  9. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    Looks like you had a great ride..... was there many people up there?
  10. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    wish I could make this one too.....
  11. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    This is the last straw. Yet another ride I have to miss because of work. since our last ride back in September, I have racked up a total of 150 miles. All of those have been commute between work and home. A month ago I was kicked out of a "grey area" spot that was between work and home. There goes that 15 min enjoyment. this leaves the all day rides. Well when I can't even make the last 4, and all I do is stare at my bike sitting in the garage. I have come to the back breaker. I am selling my bike. I don't know what else to do. I work 65-70 hours a week, and now have no rhyme or reason to days off. I can't expect anything from week to week, other then my paycheck. My bike begs to be ridden, and I can't accomadate..... a 2005 and All i can muster is 5000 miles. 2500 of which were in its first year. sorry for my pathetic life rant...... to my riding brothers: ride well, ride often, ride safe.
  12. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    Where would we start tom? I am at 90% of going. Will know for sure on thursday.
  13. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    so we thinking Wednesday June 17th? I may be able to, also until kids are out of school, i would need to be back home by 5:30.
  14. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    wish I could of been there.... hope you guys had a great time..... Though i am still burning up because of work. Now the question is ...... hookie ride when?
  15. DRZDUal

    Tug Hill "Hookie Ride" Spring 09

    scratch me fu*king completely now:banghead: ...... after terminating the said employee yesterday, well today another didn't show up to show there support in the fired one..... well guess what, there fired too now. this puts me as a no-go tomorrow. As of now I have a full day of work. gotta love being a business operator on a holiday weekend. truly sorry for this..... as Kev can attest to what i have to deal with at my work. I will make this up to all that have planned to ride, and still hope you guys can still ride without me..... Randy ................... ..............FU*K