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    Opinions Sought

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I initially started looking at the Husky because I have wanted one since I was a child and the 'price point' on the '04-'05 TC 450 fits my budget. The components, fit and feel of the bike, and the "only guy on the block" factor also are attractive to me. My biggest concern would be reliability- from both a cost and parts availability perspective. However, from what I've read in this forum, the TC 450 seems to hold up very well against the CRF/RMZ/YZF when it comes to durability. I've ridden the '05 YZ 250 and really like the motor (though it was 'breathed' on slightly and had an FMF pipe/silencer) but the front end felt a bit mushy (I'm about 210 lbs). Haven't ridden the KX or a CR, but I used to be a Honda-guy so the CR warrants consideration. Thanks again for your help- I am going to check out the Bowbrika HS this weekend, and I hope to speak to some Husky owners to get their opinions as well.
  2. RebornRacer

    Opinions Sought

    All- Newbie here, and as my screen name indicates, I am interested in getting back into the MX racing scene, with the odd hare scramble thrown in for fun. Question to the forum is: Would I be better off with a TC 450 or an '05 CR/YZ 250 smoker if I were to start racing again? I previously raced in the Schoolboy 125 Expert class, though that was over 15 years ago. I plan on racing the +30 C class next year, so I am looking for a bike that is competitive, yet not overpowering (until I get back up to speed). Also, a big factor is reliability, as we're expecting our first child in 4 weeks, and the thought of constant valve jobs and other 4-stroke related expenses will force the wife to put an end to my riding. Any thoughts are appreciated!