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  1. I run Moose aluminum 7/8" bars, CR high bend, Pro taper full waffle medium grips, and Tusk D-Flex handgaurds w/ spoilers. Its a great set up and feels alot like stock. Its nice to be able to lay the bike down and not break or bend any thing. Any aluminum bars should be strong enough not to bend. When mounting hand gaurds, be patient, it may take some custom bending:)
  2. back2XR

    2001 drz400, help deciding please

    Thanks alot guys, I will check the FAQs
  3. back2XR

    2001 drz400, help deciding please

    Hey, another masshole. I ride out of my parents in brookfield. We have some decent trails, but not exactly legal. Thanks for the info. My XR suspension is not the most modern out there, but I love it in the tight trails.
  4. There may be multiple topics like this, but I need some help now. I found a 2001 DRZ-400 on/off with 3500mi. Looks to be in good cond. -I would be trading my 2004 XR250R for it. My XR is mint and suits my offroad needs 110% but my riding areas are shrinking and road riding is a must. -Please tell what are some of the pro's and con's of the DRZ. Common problems? Things to look out for. Any help would be great. Thanks
  5. back2XR

    New bike advice

    No go on the 83 xr350. I had an 83 xr350 (wish i never sold) and now an 04 xr250. The 250 is much more nimble and easier top throw around. Much better for tight trails. The 350 is a nice cruiser.
  6. back2XR

    Penetrating oil vs New grease??

    Just repack them with grease and be done. Most dirtbike bearings fail from water/rust not wear. The grease will ensure no water will enter.
  7. back2XR

    Bike had a swim today

    Yes it will run lean without the air filter. You could also have some water in the bowl, with a little water in the bowl it will idle up a little until the main jet pulls all the water in. Drain the bowl with the little screw on the bottom to be sure.
  8. back2XR

    Bike had a swim today

    I wish I had saw this earlier. Put your bike back together. I have sunk a few in my day. I sunk my 250 completely about 2 weeks ago. Your motor will be full of water, but I don't see how any dirt got in there. Just put it back together, go to napa and buy a case of oil. I actually have flushed my bikes with deisel (home heating oil) to get some water out. Put some cheap oil in, start the bike run for a minute, drain it. You will have to do this about six or so times until the oil becomes clear.
  9. back2XR

    '84 XR350 first impression after rebuild

    I havn't been on this site in months, but this is why I come back. Those old 350's are great bikes. Glad to hear one more has been revived.
  10. My buddys run hand brakes on their street bikes and quads. I believe they use two perches on the left handle bar. One with the stock cluth, and the other for the rear brake. I think they run hydraulic cluth levers from street bikes (ebay). You can buy adapters to run two brake lines to the rear brake actuater (excuse my spelling), or ive seen them weld another brake line mount to the actuater.
  11. back2XR

    BLSBRKR65 Bike

    no, its a DG
  12. Ive had my rt-4 for two years. I love it. The sound is great, I use the quiet core in sound sensative areas. The sound is great, and not to loud. Fit and finish is the best ive seen.
  13. back2XR

    clutch spring help wanted

    Ya I was thinking they may be the wrong springs as well. I'll call rocky mountain tonight. thanks
  14. back2XR

    clutch spring help wanted

    Honda oil since new, the clutch was OK before the new springs. What type of heavier springs have others used?
  15. back2XR

    Bads about 300EX

    none, no problems at all. Not the sportiest quad around, but a hole lot of very reliable fun. Ran one for years.