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  1. I have a new 32" all americian sport toy hauler. I love the trailer but is not much fun to pull on hwy. If there is no wind pulls fairly straight but if it gets a little windy or transports passes it sways badly. I have a 1/2 ton with air bags load bars and sway bars but still moves around alot. Have used 3/4 ton dodge same set up still sways alot (and it does`t pull any better) Anybody have any ideas to help this?
  2. mxer897

    trailer swaying

    Thanks for the feedback guys. But like I mentioned I have towed this trailer with 3/4 ton dogde p/u and it did not handle any better than my truck. As far as I know everything is setup correctlly. This is my first tag along trailer have had a 5th wheel car hauler 32" also with no problems at all. Is this type of trailer prone to more sway than others because of the added weight in the garage portion of trailer? Or is it setup? Thanks again.