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  1. I have an 02 426 and put a Thunder Alley pipe on it awhile back- love it. I rejetted it as recommended and it seemed to be running fine but the idle was a little low so I adjusted the throttle stop screw, seemed perfect after that. Next time I tried to ride it up the street it ran like crap. I can't seem to get it dialed in right. The manual says set the pilot screw to 1 3/8 turns but says nothing about setting the throttle stop screw (the one with the plastic knob on it) after you screw with it and mess things up. I called the local Yamaha service, they said out 1 1/4 turns on the throttle stop screw. I haven't messed with the pilot screw at all. Now it kicks back when I try to start it. I could use a little help here! Thanks
  2. Jefferted

    Fuel leak

    Thanks to all who responded. Unfortunately I'm busy for at least the next week and won't be able to get to it but I'll take it apart eventually and let you know if I find brown powder.
  3. Jefferted

    Fuel leak

    I have an 02 426. It's been sitting for about a month, rode it last night to a neighbors and I was talking to him when I smelled fuel. It was leaking out of the lines coming from the carb that extend below the lower part of the frame but enough to put a puddle below the bike. Does that mean I have a jet stuck open?