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  1. papamendy

    Wow..does it run bad!!!!!

    Just a quick note from someone who used to work utting together new bikes at a dealership. Many times when intalling new fuel systems hoses etc. on new bikes, there are lots of rubber shavings and dirt that are inside the "new" gaslines which cause many problems. Guys that do this a lot know to clean all new components out before putting together.....but many times does not get done and a "new" bike runs like crap because of the debris left in the new assembly parts. I have seen this many tmes over thepast 30 years....just anoter thought to add to all the oter great ones you received to locate the trouble spot. Sounds like a good carb clean and check component funtions should solve the problem.
  2. papamendy

    HELP me with my DR650

    Im sure Im gonna get flack for this but the old school side of the trail method I have used from the 60's...tap it a few times with a screwdiver handle while holding bike upright. You may have checked the carb flow and drained what was left in the bowl after float got stuck, or float could be stuck on bottom and flooding out. New /right way. Take apart and check/clean carb.
  3. papamendy

    HELP me with my DR650

    Things I would check. Put in new plugs...just because. Check to see that carb float did not get stuck when bike tipped over due to inpact...either open or shut. Even though the switches test OK..... because it fell on the kickstand side it might have bent a little and even though the switch functions it may not be fully depressed due to a slight bend or not hitting the switch properly because it is not seated back in the up position all the way. Did the fuel valve hit anything or end up with a divot stuck in it. Pull fuel line and see if fuel pumps out when turning over engine. Its either a spark or fuel issue so start with one and check everything you can think of. Sometimes the smallest or dumbest things we think can never happen do....and it doesnt take much for an engine NOT to run. Gives you a nice quiet afternoon in the garage.
  4. papamendy

    Supermotos -- why do they exist?

    Picture yourself coming out of the apex of a turn on a freshly paved two lane mtn highway.....rolling on the throttle as you exit and riding on the rear wheel until you enter the next turn. I put a 14 tooth front sprocket on with a 58 rear. nice set up for dirt....not great for open 4 lane highway (dont go there anyway) but with the street tires, suspension mods its the most fun on 2 wheels IMO. Got rid of the crotch rocket years ago...have a fat tire modded Harley in the garage for cruising.....but the Dr650 is just plain fun set up for the street. Say the words CBR or Hyabusa to your ins. agent and watch the premium look like your phone #. The ins. on my DR is $76 per year...its paid for and you dont need to be going 100 plus to get the adrenaline flowing. Just my 2cents.
  5. papamendy

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    Fatty, I am soooo sorry for pointing out your rude reply to a question on a motorcycle forum with you giving the poor guy a lecture in communications. Look at all the trouble and upset I have now caused. This thread is now longer than the one on the "size of your knobbies". If it makes you feel any better I have enrolled in adult summer school for grammer and am also taking anger management classes so I can keep my mouth shut. Hope my spelling and syntax (?) was correct......oh yeah....if aliens ever try to contact this planet ( ala close encounters) hope you aint at the wheel when the message comes through. They might just kill us all for being rude.
  6. papamendy

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    Fatchance.....hope you don't injure your man-gina when you fall off of your white horse....we the stupid people of the world salute you!!!!!!
  7. papamendy

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    First, I don't want this to turn into a battle what you percieve is right ,wrong, or improper. Not all of us grew up using computers and typewriters. Not all of us are as good of communicaters as yourself. However, some of us still might seek the help of others on a MOTORCYCLE forum and in asking for help or answer to questions we might have do our best to post these questions. If you believe this persons post to be gibberish....than by all means pass by it. Not everyone invites you to point out shortcomings they might have. Im not a Harvard Graduate....but I still managed to figure out the question and attempt to give a response. To just point out a persons fault and then not even attempt to answer the question is just being a pompus ass. I don't judge someone by their grammer and lack thereof on a motorcycle forum....because I do not know this person's level of education or experience.....I can however judge you by your response to someone looking for help.....and just pointing out an error in his posting format. No Im not 15.....Im sure Im a lot older than you.....as people in my stage of life and who grew up during my era....would not make such an obnoxious post directed at someone looking for help.
  8. papamendy

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    Fat Chance....nice way to welcome someone with a question. What are you a 75 year old school teacher? Take a pill. As far as handling goes, the other bikes you mentioned (CR/KX) are MX models. Im sure lighter with stiffer springs for MX use. The DRs being On/Off road models are heavier and with softer springs in the front causing the front end to dive in corners. I don't know how heavy you are....or what shape the front springs are in...fork oil...etc. You can use stiffer front springs in the front. Use spacers to compress the ones that are in there or try some other mods that guys have used . Im sure you will get some answers shortly. With the right tires and the bike set up right...it can be a fun ride in the turns. Remember though it's still an Enduro bike and although light it's no canyon racer....it has some limitations at speed.....but still a blast. I don't believe 20lbs in the front tire is too much. Its trial and error setting up the front end though.....stiffer for throwing into corners on the road may cause you some front end chatter on rough trails and dirt roads at speed. Good luck! Fat Chance....please excuse any gramatical or spelling errors I may have made
  9. papamendy

    How about this find????

    The TC 250 was a 2 stroke engine (if the orig. is in the frame) the oil leaking out of the pipes is just residual oil from the combustion process. Usually the pipes were only held together with a series of springs which secured them to the exhaust manifold....and any 2 sections together. You could try and find some newer springs that have a little less fatigue in them....might stop some of the unburned 2 stroke oil from leaking out. good luck...nice find.
  10. papamendy

    Adventure tires?

    Had my super-moto wheels and tires on yesterday and headed up a dirt road to find a sand-pit and mud-hole at the end of road....decided to play around a while. With these wheels and tires on this WAS Adventure riding at its finest. Slide up onto the tank and keep her WFO all the time. I highly recommend this as a cure for a boring afternoon. Screw the knobbies....full steam ahead.
  11. papamendy

    Aftermarket turn signal bulb/flasher question

    If you cant find the right bulbs you can try to use a load equalizer. They are used on stock systems when switching to LED lights...as they dont draw enough voltage for the flasher to activate....so they create extra draw to make the flasher believe that the correct bulbs are in. They will feel hot (140) or so when they are working....that is normal. Most places that sell aftermarket lighting will sell them. Each one will operate one set of turn signals. You shouldnt need them for the front set. Good luck.
  12. papamendy

    DR does my head in!!!

    In the states we call it dry gas. (at least where I live anyway) Anyone who lives in a cold climate uses it a lot during the winter. You may be having problems just because of water in your gastank/filter etc. The dry gas (alcohol) disipates the water and after using it you should be fine for a while. To avoid having it happen a gain its just as easy to use a little bit when filling up. It doesnt hurt, and will save you the aggrivation of having the water /fuel problem again.
  13. papamendy


    No thanks....I have a second set of street tires for stock size rims. I have Dunlop 606 on now. Want to be able to swap complete wheel sets. I have extra sprockets also....so Im just looking for the rims....Thanks.
  14. papamendy


    I'm looking for a stock set of DR 650 rims which would fit a 94 model. Would like to find intact with bearing, disks...dont need any sprockets, but will let me know what you have. Thanks. papamendy@hotmail.com
  15. papamendy

    Gearing Help

    For my type of riding/terrain I went with a 14T front and 48T rear. The chain on my 650 was already a new 520 conversion....which was cut too short for this gear change so after changing the sprockets I added 2 links plus 2 master links. If you go with a 48-50 T rear and need to add links to a chain with no master link....you can use a chain breaker tool to break chain and add what you need. The masters will come with the o-rings needed replace where chain was split. After buying masters, links,Breaker tool....might add up to a new 120 link chain for you but you get to keep the chain breaker as a prize..(comes in handy down the road)