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  1. yz_rider_ziggy

    How does a water pump gear brake in half?

    The same thing that to happen to BIG_FAT_&_SLOW and Murray happened to me. It's something I'm definitely going to watch from now on. thanks guys
  2. I have 03 yz250f and the water pump gear broke in half, could it be a shaving or from fatigue. About 1-2 hours prior to this the starting gear snapped if that helps at all. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  3. yz_rider_ziggy

    throttle sensor problem

    All I needed was some answers not all this crap if all you guys wanna do is talk about how the younger generation is all young and dumb then get your own thread. I thought TT was mostly about motorcycles and problems? kids should respect there elders I understand that, but it's kinda hard when the elder acts like he knows it all.
  4. yz_rider_ziggy

    throttle sensor problem

    My TPS is shot, i know for a fact. Does anyone know if the TPS on the 03 yz250f is the same as the one on 04 crf250r? the yz's has three wires blue, black, and yellow, they both use the same carb, why i wanna know is because the yz's is $104 and crf's $43.
  5. yz_rider_ziggy

    throttle sensor problem

    Hi I have A yz250f and the throttle sensor is shot I think, I hooked it up to a tester with blue and black connected, and I get 5.41 and it does not change. Is there anything else I can check? any help would be much appreciated.