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  1. Yeah I do have to split them, and since i'm working with a 1973 Z50, I'll probably have to buy new gaskets . But thats ok, because now I'll have it all off so it can get new engine paint, because it is ugggggggggggly. Alright thanks, I"m ordering the gaskets and shaft this weekend.
  2. Hey I've always wondered because i've done a little work on carbs, but I don't even know what a "turn" is. Like, is it only one rotation, so that its gone around half of a full rotation so that its back in the same visual position, or is it two of those, like an actual all the way around the clock. Lol I know I sound dumb but I just don't know that. I'm thinking I'm just gonna buy a carb rebuild kit: http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=362 I think that that would work, it says it's for "our" 20mm carb, but there's is an exact replica of the Keihn one, so I think that would work. Am I right? Thanks
  3. Alright I'll try the pea gravel and then if it dont work i'll go and buy something at a store. Yeah thanks for the article, sounds pretty complicated but its a good site for my old 50 lol. Thanks
  4. So now i moved the needle to the middle and started it up. It idled pretty high so i messed around with the mixture screw but couldnt get it to stop missin. whenever i go full throttle, it just boggs down so i dont know what to do. i think im gonna clean the carb again but its started to be a pain. any more suggestions?
  5. I have a K3 Honda Z50 thats gotta bunch of rust inside the metal tank. I want to get rid of it but dont know how any suggestions would be good thanks
  6. dude, dont worry it was just a rusted up frame, but i hear ya, i dont see those every day
  7. Alright....fine..lol Yea I didn't really trust the whole chinc engine thing anyway, so maybe I can find a used XR200 or 250 bike with a seized engine or something for like 200..and then get a xr200 engine from somebody else thats close to the year. When I say cheap, I mean under 1000. But hey, I should show you guys some pictures of there bultaco monoshock 350 frame with a xr500 engine on it, with custom dual exhaust, sounds like a crotchrocket, some weirdo gas tank...but it look awesome, they made a car cold air intake fit on the the carb..which makes no sense to me because it doesnt intake air...huh i guess its for looks. Anyway they built it for under 1k, and it didnt take much welding and stuff, cause they were done with it in like 2 days and it seems pretty solid. I want to see somebody elses creation on here. But i guess i'll just get a xr250. So yea
  8. I know man, I totally understand your point, but my neighbors made some crazy type bultaco cycle and made their own exhaust and used a yz intake up front and did all this cool stuff...I just wanted to do that, but I guess i'll just wait for a few years. I got plenty of gear i've been riding since i was like 6 but the cr80 just isnt cutting it anymore. Just thought i'd throw out an idea.
  9. Hey I found out its called a kick start shaft and that they cost 40 bucks. Thanks i guess i dont need any help lol
  10. The kickstarter on my sisters 1970's...K3 Z50 is stripped. Not just the kickstarter, but the thing on the side of the engine, so if i bought a new kick starter the thing would still be stripped 1. What is the "thing" called? 2. How much do they cost and where to get one and whatever else you guys come up with lol Thanks
  11. I won't buy new because I don't have the money and this would be fun and cool. If I could find a good condition xr200 or 250 motor i would put it in a frame and do my own thing...It's just all about money:)
  12. Ok, I'll do that tomorrow, but I'm scared of messing it up again, but i guess i'll just remember where the mixture screw was. Thanks
  13. Hey I've always wanted to make my own dirtbike custom. So...I'm about 5'4" and 110lbs (I'm barely 15) I was looking online at the chinese engines, and they actually seem descent. A Zongshen 200cc 4 stroker would be the perfect size of engine that I'm looking for, heres a link: Ebay Motors: 200cc Zongshen Engine So what frame should i choose if i buy this motor? I'm thinking any honda frame that has monoshock suspension would be fine thats larger than a 125 or like a 32-37" seat height. I don't really want to do any major welding so a fitting frame is kind of what i need. Thanks any suggestions welcome
  14. Hey! I had my smart friend come over and he messed with the idle mixture screw for 10 seconds and it calmed down and runs perfect. It really makes me mad because I did the same thing....i guess he has the perfect touch haha. Yea well thanks a lot. It's good now and I think my lil bro might be satisfied. Peace TJ
  15. Thats awesome, when i was his age i was riding a z50 in my backyard!