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  1. camster

    Going up a tooth

    14/47 works ok for me crawling through the granite in the Sierras, I wish for 14/49 until I hit the asphalt and keep reaching for 6th gear. 14/47 still gets me into some trouble in the rocks but then I'm no pro and also don't like to abuse my clutch...I think for me 14/49 would be ideal until hitting the asphalt..
  2. camster

    Change sprocket to cruise at highway speeds?

    The problem with the DRZ is it only has a 5 speed tranny, gear it up for the street and first is to tall for serious single track rock climbing, geared down, (mines 14-47) and you're buzzing it to death on the highway. You have to pick which end of the spectrum you plan to use it in mostly and compromise or else change sprockets and be right on in both worlds. I'm with Noble, put a 15t. on the front first and try it, however, know that if you've got some gnarly steep rocky places to ride dirt you will be using the clutch a lot more to keep from launching over them rather than crawling through. Just my amatuerish trail riding experience. If your street kit includes 17" wheels, then an E model should happily pull 16/39 sprockets as that's what I run with my BB/39 fcr S model wheen I put the 17's on...real nice for freeway cruising and that little number plate actually deflects enough wind for a fairly decent ride, wind hitting about mid chest on a shorter guy...Mark
  3. camster

    Evans coolant for DRZ?

    Yes, like I said I have no cooling issues other than I don't want to change coolant if I don't have to (lazy) and since Evans is a lifetime install that suits me, that it's waterless so non corrosive is a big plus and that since there is no water you can't boil the stuff is even better where I ride. High altitude, hot and slow single track seems what EVans would excel at. No water, so Martin, there is no mix ratio...ck out the Evans coolant site...I'm not here to promote the coolant but was hoping for some real world experience in our Drz's.. Thanks for responses, I found a local distributor but was hoping for a few more responses before I buy the stuff...Mark
  4. camster

    Evans coolant for DRZ?

    I didn't find much info doing a search so thought I'd ask if anyone is using the Evans NPG+ coolant in their DRZ and if so did you have any thoughts to share. I like what I read on Evans site but since we have some really hi pefrformance DRZs on this forum I'm sure some body has put this product to the test. I don't have cooling issues with my BB but like Evans advertised features. I've searched other sites and most have been positive...the one time price isn't an issue...Mark
  5. camster

    '03 DRZ400 shortened fork oil level?

    Thanks Tailender, I hadn't thought of it in that way, I suppose if I filled to the correct level and then removed 1.5" worth of oil and measured it in volume I could add it back later without removing springs and collapsing fork etc, if need be.... I just want to get some clean oil in there since it's been a couple or more seasons...Mark
  6. Been awhile since I posted but the DRZ has been as reliable as a brick. My question concerns changing the fork oil on my '03, since I had the forks and shock shortened internally to lower the bike 1.5" do I still use the same level of fork oil as called out in the Service Manual? I would assume so and was going to ask the guy who did the work but he is no longer in business & I lost his instructions...thanks, Mark
  7. I added a 2nd rim lock to the rear of my DRZ & my buddies since we were hoping to be able to ride out with a flat. I'm not interested in changing a flat on the trail. Well, buddy picked up a huge nail in his rear Dunlop 606 somewhere towards the end of a 10 mile stretch of logging road, he didn't notice it till we hit pavement and at 50 mph it was making a loud thwacking noise, 4 miles later we hit a stop sign and sure enough, it was flat. I wrapped 6 tywraps around his tire, we went 4 miles more looking for a used lumber yard (25 mph max) then returned the way we came figuring at least 20 miles with the flat tire. The tire didn't slip on the rim but tire & rim both got quite hot to the touch. Got back to the cabin & popped in a new tube & was good to go. So if you wonder if dual rim locks are worth the trouble...I'd say yes!
  8. camster

    Will a Renthal cure the tinglies?

    Pillow tops made no discernable diff on my drzs vibes and the Zeta full hand guards (cyrca) increased the vibes felt. Added 6 inches of brass bar to throttle side only as test & seemed to help a bit. I'm running Tag 2 taper bars & Tag metals top clamp which by the way slightly contacts ims 3.2 tank at full lock because of clamp bolts towards rear compared to stock being up front.
  9. camster

    sewing machine noise?

    stock c/s sprocket has rubber damping for this reason, aftermarket c/s sprockets don't & make more noise of course so will a dry old chain...
  10. camster

    DRZ SM vs. Versys

    Ah, just read my own & freewheelers post on versysy vs. sv, I got it wrong and apologize...the drag race was between vestrom & versys not sv & versys and since I don't know how the strom compares to sv speed wise I'll shut up for now...still like that versys stripped down though.
  11. camster

    DRZ SM vs. Versys

    Tarmac, I've been on this site for a couple years now & read most everything freewheelers has posted, responded & asked questions to a few. If he says he has done head to head drags with the 2 bikes stock & the Versys pulls the SV then that's good enough for me and probably a few others. I agree, as a tracker with custom swingarm and 19" DT tires, exhaust etc. the ninja/versys is a neat little package, not much off the lap times of xr750 amatuers so I've read. Will look on ebay & see what a used ninja goes for, got me thinking again.
  12. camster

    DRZ SM vs. Versys

    Interesting post giotto, I like the mission the Versys was designed for & having read everything I could find on the bike feel that it is more than adequate for that purpose. I'm waiting to see one in person & hopefully get a test ride. My 440 Drz is fun with 17"s for street & 21"/18"s for dirt but I rather dread going more than an hour or two on the street even with a Sargeant moddified seat. I would love to have a used Versys to strip down & lighten, restyle to my likes. Without its clothes & plastic bits it's a rather compact little package & if freewheelers says it will whip an sv650 then I'm sure it will. I've been riding an '06 sv off an on & find the stock suspension components dreadful, I like the engines pull but not the front cylinder down there catching road debris, it's always grungy looking. The versys/ninja set up as a dirt tracker makes a really nice looking bike & they are fast. I've been waiting for the BMW F800gs to get here as I believe it could be a do anything, go most anywhere, if you only had one bike kind of deal...however, it appears to have some teething problems & comes with a don't touch but take to a dealer design & owner mindset. Not sure I can go there, especially at BMW prices. If the Versys was a 750 (for two up) & restyled a bit with 30 to 40 less lbs. I'd be there with my money...but keep the DRZ for dirt.
  13. camster

    2009 DRZ400s are out.

    Looks like about 26 lbs. to me (old math), sorry, couldn't help it, just sitting here bored...what am I doing here, could go for a quick ride...later!
  14. camster

    Loud tranny

    Sounds as though you had better check the torque on your CS sprocket nut. Red dust in that location implies the nut may have lost torque & there is looseness of sprocket on shaft. Even if the locking tab is intact, the nut can be loose & this can cause real problems with tranny due to design. Do a search on this issue before you ride any more in case I'm correct...lots of info on loctiting sprocket & nut...good luck.
  15. camster

    DRZ Experts...what's the diagnosis?

    Hick, you forgot to mention you had a 30 yr. relationship with the dealer where you left your bike, that should be a big help. Just where is palookaville Utah anyway?