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  1. Hey fellas...haven't logged in for years and I really wanna get back on the bike this year. Years ago I traded my stock seat and tank for an a loop kit...but I miss the fuel capacity of the stock setup. Wondering if anyone has a stock seat and red tank somewhere...or knows where I could find one. The bike is a 2001...so the tank was red.
  2. Without knowing the exact jet sizes, would a pumper set up for a gordon modded hotcam #2 xr440 be about right for a gordon modded, hotcam#1 xr400? Or would I need to rejet? What sizes would I need, and where would I get the jets, are they just regular mikuni jets? Thanks alot, Topher
  3. Toph R

    xr400 on the road... abusive?

    Thanks guy, surley the others will chime in as well?
  4. My xr has been street plated for some time now, but I've only driven onroad for a little bit at a time. I have been considering buying another street bike, but I really don't ride on road much. So I was wondering, for the occasional on road ride (couple hundred kms on the weekend). Will that be too much abuse for the xr? What different mods should I do for the road? Ideally I would like to find another set of wheels and throw some street tires on them ( I realise sizing is a bitch). I don't wanna spend the money for supermoto wheels. What sort of regear wuld be good? WIll it be too hard to run the xr at high speeds for long? Etc?? Topher
  5. Toph R

    lets see your xr in its natural habitat!

    Somebody post some new pics!
  6. For the duratech 2.3 the bamachips is the way to go. Don't worry about a turbo kit, they are really only cost effective on the older lima 2.3 rangers. I've driven a standard cab duratech 2.3 with and without the tuner (the truck also had an intake) and the difference is night and day. Think about it, the truck only has 150ish hp and 140ish tq, and you are adding 10hp and 17 tq. Do it, your fuel mileage will improve alot as well, once you stop flooring the piss out of it. It still won't be a rocketship, but thats not the point of the 2.3 ranger.
  7. Toph R

    Will xr650r motoard wheels fit an xr400?

    I need some more info, if the wheels are all already set up with their own axles, how would this cause a problem?
  8. I found a pretty decent deal on a set of motard wheels, will they fit on the 400 without modification? Chris
  9. Toph R

    One of the cleaner XRs I've EVER seen

    Pshh, 25.6 miles, thats alot, mine resets to "0" after every trip!
  10. Toph R

    non u.s. factory street legal xr250r

    Buy it, and then if you can't plate it, put all the goodies on your frame (everything). Or... get an frame and switch the vins?
  11. All I can say is...wow. Im beat. She is not meant for jumping, but she did a good job. Pics to follow.
  12. Toph R

    CR125 + XR440 hybrid! a reality!

    if you were to attempt something like this, where does the oil go? Surely you can't continue to run it through the frame?
  13. Toph R

    Graphics kit

    Its got the factory effex logo on it, but I think it might be an older style. www.factoryeffex.com
  14. Heres my 2 cents as a gm tech... Don't buy a gm if you want reliability. Warranty will only get you so far, and if you want your truck to drive, not to service all the time, I would go with a toyota or nissan. As for the power, both the nissan and the toyota put down WAY more power than the american made v6's that are available, and get 3 times the mileage. A japanese 6 will out-tow most american v8's and do it while getting better mileage. If you want a diesel, buy a dodge or a ford, stay away from the gm diesels for now. As for north american and cheap, the ranger with the 4.0 sohc v6 seems to be a fairly reliable truck, and it also has great power. A fully loaded ranger extended cab v6 5 speed 4x4 fx4 offroad is only 26 cdn right now.
  15. Toph R

    DRZ 250 vs XR 250 vs TTR 250

    E starts are for street bikes, seriously I will NEVER understand the need for a battery ona dirtbike, give your head a shake. DIRT BIKE, not STREET BIKE, kick it and go, the less electronics the less their is to worry about. As far as boiling gas, drz's do it, and xr's typically don't. Maybe the air in california is too pure for you to have seen it happen. Tell GOV Shwarzanegger(sp) about it!