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  1. I think the sutures put in to repair my meniscus during my ACL/PCL repair have come out. I have a sharp pain in and around my LCL area when I walk. I'm about 7weeks post op. Has anyone else had this? David
  2. I'm about 7weeks post op from having my ACL and PCL replaced (allograft), and while in there they opted to 'tighten up' my MCL. I'm about 90-95% ROM, walking normally, and back to normal functionality. I am down on 'power' in my leg, but otherwise doing well. The issue is that occasionally while exercising I get massive shooting pain in my lower LCL area. If I wait it out and start to exercise again, it sometimes comes back. If I clinch my quad before flexing I can delay or offset the pain. Anyone ever have this?
  3. How are the pay parks in Athens and Cherino? Are they any good?
  4. I just moved to the area, and I'm healing from ACL/PCL replacement. In the meantime I'm trying to figure out where to ride around here. I see there are a few pay to play ATV/motorcycle parks around east TX. Coming from Michigan, I'm used to open state land where you can ride. Where does that exist around here? Thanks.
  5. PHCS PPO, I checked on www.phcs.com and you don't show up. Hopefully that is an error, is it?
  6. I just checked, and he is on my plan. Thanks. No, not in the military. Just looking at a job change that would bring me back to Texas.
  7. Dr. Mark, Thanks for the feedback. My insurance doesn't cover you. But I may be relocating to Tyler, and I could go to you then. I really appreciate what you do for those of us on the forum. David
  8. How serious is posterior lateral corner damage? My doc is suggesting not fixing it. I have ACL, PCL, and MCL tears, as well as suspected posterior lateral corner damage. Is not fixing the corner a good idea? Has anyone on the forum had this done? He states the risk vs. return isn't that good. Looking for other opinions???
  9. Dr. Sanders, I just got back from my surgeon and he informed me that I have an G2+ tear of the MCL, a complete tear of the ACL, and the PCL is heavily torn. (his words) Additionally he is noticed some possible post(something) corner damage. His remedial actions are to reconstruct the cruciate ligaments and rely on PT to build the quads to support the un-repaired bits post op. He mentioned the scary bits of nerve damage, vascular damage, and potential leg loss when it comes to fixing the post(something) corner bit. He gave me 10% on the leg loss. Would you agree? Given the above, and the mention of a 9month recovery, would you suggest taking bits from my own, or from a cadaver? How much does the PCL aspect complicate things?
  10. Okay, so it is lean. so what. The throttle is closed, cylinder pressures are low, there is little airflow through the engine and the engine is decelerating. so what if it is lean. You guys do realize moder fuel injected bikes and cars do a decel fuel shut off under certain conditions. I wouldn't worry about it unless the noise drives you nuts. You aren't hurting anything on the engine.
  11. Other than the potential sound annoyance. Why does it matter if it pops on decel? You obviously don't want any power from the engine (throttle closed). So the idea of optimum mixture for power is out. Honestly, you shouldn't care if the engine jumps out of the chassis, kisses the trophy girl, then hops back in the chassis at the apex. Do you think you are doing some engine damage or something?
  12. It got cold up here again, so riding has stopped. I'll try soon and get back to you guys. Thanks for the tip. That post seemed like good information.
  13. Thanks. I've been on Mars for a week or so. I'll pull it back out and verify. I was getting some strange behavior when I would roll off from WOT. It would seem to breifly pick up power as I rolled off. I would get a lurch from the bike momentarily. Ever hear of this?
  14. When I was opening up my carb the other day, I noticed the one jet appeared to be adjustable on the height. The one that the needle goes into has a jam nut. If you take that out, how do you ensure you get it back in the right spot? I uncorked my bike and I noticed the new billet exhaust tip (ebay) that I put on in the uncorking was rather black after a short ride < 1 mile.
  15. Can I get an Amen?