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  1. rdprince

    Lead banning Petition - please sign

    Yeah, this stinks. I just went to Wal-mart and saw a ton of Chinese-made bicycles for little kids for sale. They are all made of basically the same materials as the "banned" ATVs and motorcycles. It makes absolutely no sense at all. To me, this is proof that it has nothing to do with lead and everything to do with the fact that CPSC (and other fanatical groups) are trying to get ride of kids ATVs and motorcycles. In searching the Internet for more info, I ran across this letter from SafeKids.org to the CPSC. http://www.usa.safekids.org/content_documents/CPSC_Letter_Safe_Kids_December_2005.pdf It starts out saying that kids under 16 shouldn't ride Adult-sized ATVs, but then goes on to recommend that kids under 16 shouldn't ride ANY ATVs, even youth models. It scares the hell out of me. Another article about the push for the CPSC to ban the use of ATV's by kids can be found here. http://www.sharetrails.org/magazine/article.php?id=247. These articles have to do with ATVs, but in my opinion this "lead ban" is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover up the CPSCs real agenda of eliminating the sale of youth model ATVs and motorcycles permanently.
  2. Great to see that this got worked out. Copyright law sucks sometimes, but it's there for a reason. It's seems easy for people to bash Ford for doing this since they are a big company. It's the huge conglomerate going after the little guy. But if those same people started a small successful business of their own and other companies started copying their stuff, they would feel differently. As for the example above, unfortunately if it was someone from ADCAP, SESAC, or BMI, they are legit and have the right to collect license fees or royalties for the songwriters and music publishers they represent. If you own a business that uses music in part of its operation (Skating Rink, Aerobics Classes, Clogging Instructor, and yes even Music on Hold on the company phone system) legally you are required to pay those organizations for the right to play the music of the song writers they represent. (I think Church services and schools are exempt.) The organization I work at was approached and we chose to start using "Royalty Free" music for our Music on Hold. The Skating Rink that my wife and in-laws own has to pay them a flat rate per year. If you have a small company with nothing but Music on Hold you might be able to get away the "screw you" attitude because its not worth it for them to go after you, but that doesn't make it right. The larger music users and companies generally won't take the risk. Rallying the troops together on something like this can definitely help, though. In this article about ASCAP going after Girl Scout Camps, it caused such an uproar that they backed off. It shows what we can do if we work together. P.S. Sorry for the long response. I was bored.
  3. rdprince

    TTR-50 main jets

    The stock main jet is a 62.5. I'd recommend getting the Yamaha GYTR jet kit since it comes with the GYTR adjustable needle and a 65, 70, 72.5, and 75 main jets. List price is about $35 but you might be able to find it cheaper. http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/accessories/acscitemdetail/5/443/1849/13495/all/1/6286/0/detail.aspx
  4. rdprince

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    I started out on a 1973 Honda XR75. My brother had a 1972 Yamaha DT100. I rode that XR so hard I finally broke the frame. Thinking about it makes me want to go buy a play bike.
  5. rdprince

    gytr muffler insert

    My 05 WR250F came from the dealer with the grey wire and throttle stop done. I added the PMB insert (same as the GYTR insert on the 05) and didn't have to rejet. When I pulled the airbox snorkle out and cut out the side vents, though, it started running a little rough. The JD jet kit cleared it right up. The initial suggested setup of the jD kit was a little rich. I ended up with a 180 MJ, Blue needle, 4th clip position.
  6. rdprince

    leak jet question

    Ditto. I got mine from a friend who bought them from a Kawasaki dealer. He said they were about $10 cheaper than what Yamaha wanted for them.
  7. rdprince

    Adding fork oil

    Cool looking graphics in your avatar. Where did you get them? Do you have any other pics of your bike?
  8. rdprince

    Adding fork oil

    These videos are great. I used them to replace the seals in my 05 WR250F, but you'll want to use the videos for cartridge forks on the 05 WR (not sure about the 07). Part 1 Part 2
  9. rdprince

    GYTR performance tip

  10. I'm showing my age, but definitely a Maico 490.
  11. rdprince

    Battery Life?

    Good advice. I almost bought one of the small "wall wart" ones off ebay today for about $30. It was the BatteryTender Jr (750ma). Instead, I went to Wal-mart today at lunch and bought a Schumacher BatteryCompanion (1.5a) for $18.44. It comes with the same connectors as the BatteryTender so you can permanently mount a connector to the battery. That way, when your finished riding, you just plug it in. http://store.schumachermart.com/sem-1562a.html
  12. rdprince

    tt-r 50

    If your not planning on getting a big bore kit anytime soon, I would recommend the Yamaha GYTR Performance Exhaust System (Stock Bore) along with the GYTR High Flow Air Filter and GYTR Jet Kit. All the items are made to work together and it's one of the best sounding pipes I've heard. The Jet kit comes with 4 jets and a new adjustable needle designed to work with the pipe and air filter. If you do get them, however, be aware that the instructions for the Jet kit might be wrong. Mine were. I had to put the clip on the fifth groove from the bottom of the needle, NOT from the top as the directions said. (If you hold the old needle and new needle next to each other, the clip position should be about the same). After that, the bike ran great.
  13. rdprince

    Durhamtown family ride in July

    Man, I wish I had seen this post earlier. Me and the family (wife and son) got there on Wednesday the 11th and left on Saturday. Unfortunately we wouldn't have been able to hook with any of ya'll since we didn't get to ride on Saturday like we had planned. Here's a bit of advice learned the hard way. LEAVE THE BICYCLE AY HOME!. My son (8) rode for two days straight on his newly modified TTR50 (BBR SP-5 Forks, Extended swingarm, FOX airshock, aluminum rims). I couldn't believe how much better he was riding and handling the jumps since the last time we were there. Friday evening, after we had stopped riding, he wanted to goof around on the BMX track on his bicycle. He was riding down one of the jumps (the dirt mounds with concrete on one side) when he hit a soft spot. The bike stopped and he didn't. As you've probably guessed, he went over the handlebars and fractured his arm. It's a good thing he was wearing his motorcycle helmet because things could have been worse. He was trying to convince us it was just sprained, but we knew better so we took him to the Emergency Room in Washington where they x-rayed and splinted it. (BTW, the fastest ER I have ever been in). He has to wear the cast for rest of summer vacation (4 weeks) so we got him the waterproof cast so he can swim in it. Other than that, though, we had a great time. Note: Durhamtown gave us a rain check for Saturday since we had already paid for it. I thought that was very cool of them.
  14. rdprince

    Lubing up Your BIke

    I'll second that. I would be careful using WD40 on O-ring chains. WD40 has been used for years in skating rinks to disolve and remove the grease in the bearings of new skates, making them roll faster. WD40 is a penetrant and if it gets past the O-rings in your chain, it will disolve and liquify the grease. If the grease leaks out, you've just lost the advantages of your high dollar O-ring chain. In fact, at that point the O-rings probably won't do anything but keep spray-on lubricants out of the pins in the chain. That wouldn't be a good thing. As for the guy who said he pressure washes his O-ring chain, I have always heard that you were NOT supposed to pressure wash an O-ring chain for fear of forcing water past the O-rings. As for the original question --- what everyone else says.
  15. If your considering a handlebar kit and possibly some forks, you might want to consider the BBR SP-5 forks with the Handlebar set included. You can get them for not much more than some +1 fork legs, HD springs, and a Handlebar kit. I talk about it in this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=509503