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  1. Aussiedrz

    Anyone own a sherco?

    I own a 2015 450 factory and love it. They are a quality bike and worth looking at. Great handling and light.
  2. Aussiedrz

    400e needs new radiators...

    Gpi The ad says for 00 & 01 k1
  3. Aussiedrz

    400e needs new radiators...

    Mmmm I think I've ordered the wrong ones then.
  4. Aussiedrz

    400e needs new radiators...

    Hi guys, Just wanted to check if there is any difference in the radiators over the years for a 400E?
  5. Aussiedrz

    Cam chain guide mistake

    Cheers guys.
  6. Aussiedrz

    Cam chain guide mistake

    Thanks for reply, I've taken head back off and sorted out the guide, I am a little worried about re using the head gasket, All my mates are saying don't reuse. Just don't want to pull it down again if it leaks. So you think no problem re using. Even though it was fully torqued?
  7. Aussiedrz

    Cam chain guide mistake

    Hi, I was putting the head back on and was having trouble getting it on, so stupidly decided to take out the chain guide that slips in and out. Now I have the head torqued down. I thought I could just feed the guide down once head is on but is had 2 little locator bits stopping it. Any ideas? Force is down? If I have to take head back off can I reuse head gasket? Thanks
  8. Aussiedrz

    Smallest shim size

    1 0r 2 more rides maybe? I do about 70ks in the bush. Or right now?
  9. Aussiedrz

    Smallest shim size

    My 05 "E" has 11,000km and the intakes valves are wearing very quickly. I have the hotcams shim kit. I'm about half way through the shim range at the moment, which is the minimum on the chart in the manual. My question is can I go all the way down to a 1.20 shim before re valving or will it do more damage to go so low?
  10. Aussiedrz

    A "&%$#@!" oil question.....

    How much oil came out?
  11. Aussiedrz

    2001 E vs SM Frame, different ?

    My E has a steering lock?!?
  12. Aussiedrz

    SM botom end with E topend

    hi, as ive written before we have broken rod and damaged case on a E model, can we use a SM bottom end?
  13. Aussiedrz

    broken con rod

    so question now is to rebuild or source a bottom end from somewhere??
  14. Aussiedrz

    broken con rod

    it was under de-cel at the time of break, it does get worked hard and revved hard, but no more than everyones else who rides hard i guess. just makes me worry about mine now cause we have similar riding styles. not sure if we rebuild or just change out bottom end, there will be allot of metal and bits in there now, it made a big hole behind the crank area, so not to keen on rebuild.
  15. Aussiedrz

    broken con rod

    anyone have any idea why a rod would break? just pulled down my mates 04 drz400e with about 8,000 kms on it, after it stopped in the bush, con rod snapped in half. now were looking for a bottom end to replace it with if anyone can help with that. thanks