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  1. Looking to buy my first Kawasaki its a 2014 kx450f. It has the stock green plug in map, he does not have the other two plug ins for it. What other years are the same or do I need to find plug ins for the 2014 only. What about plug ins from a 250. thanks
  2. I just wanted say thanks. Jeff at Big Bore Thumper was very helpfull. He got my 09 450r head cleaned, new valves and machine work done quickly and affordable. He was patient with all my questions to. This forum has been a big help. Jason
  3. Yes, it had 8 blinks. It did not want to rev up, and was very had to start.
  4. My 11 acted like that. The TPS was bad. Replaced it. Back to normal.
  5. Let me throw this in. I put a 13 front fender and number plates on my 09 and 11. So if an 11 fender will fit on your bike, you might as well get the 13 fender and put it on. Because the 13 fender bolts right on to the 09 and 11. Be sure to get the front number plate to.
  6. When I broke one with a torque wrench. I took the hub off. Got the drill with a small bit, and from the back side, I put the drill and pulled the trigger and it just unscrewed the bolt. The broken off bolt is not tight, it will come right out. Then put the hub back on and your done.
  7. The only thing I can think of, is the wire harness from the stator. I believe they are different lengths. I have an 09 and an 11. I will look tonight. If you have the 11 stator use that on the 09 engine and you should good. The 09 engine also has some wires coming from the transmission. From what I understand you don't have to plug that in. Some say to unplug it on the 09's anyway.
  8. Did you notice if the MIL (kill switch) was flashing? Mine acted something like that, and the throttle position sensor was bad. Just an idea.
  9. If your talking about an fi bike. I got my connecter and pig tail from an Acura car. Are you making a calibration tool?
  10. Thanks for the info. I will wait till I'm %100 sure. Comming from Bakersfield it's a prety good drive. I will try the phone numbers. Thanks again.
  11. I have not been there in a long time and I can't the web site or any information. Is there a phone number to call? We're hoping to go this Saturday. Thanks
  12. That was Colorado, your back in Calif now. Sorry.
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