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  1. husky dealer could not guarantee me a california plate on a husky sm450r or sm510r.... who else makes street legal supermotos.. or what bike would you convert? (MUST HAVE ELECTRIC START)
  2. ok so i just got back from the husky dealer in san fransisco and he could not guarantee me a plate for the sm450r or the sm510r... but he did say that dmv usually gives the plate and dosent ask questions. my main purpose of getting this bike was for street riding... so im now looking at other options
  3. couple more questions... what kind of upkeep will the husky sm450r involve? i currently ride a 2 stoke so im hoping that i don't have to change the oil every 60 miles and the clutch every 300... also anyone know if the sm450r is street legal in california? not that the cops would catch me anyway
  4. ill take a look... whats the affiliation with husky and honda? do the parts interchange? Its nice to see a mx board thats alive and moving... Peace!
  5. im looking to build a supermoto bike with electric start... idealy it would be a crf450 but have not found a electric start kit for that bike... which bikes would you recommend that have electric start stock or aftermarket? Im looking for lighness and speed! thanks for helping this newbie..
  6. eamedia

    electric start on 450?

    im looking to build a crf450 supermoto bike... it must have electric start, so who makes an electric start kit for the 450? or will I have to buy the 450X ??? I hope not because thats a little more than id like to spend... thanks for helping the newbie ... currently ride 2 stroke