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  1. Dave1979

    kawasaki puke green?

    Thanks for the input guys...i think i'll either go with the DRZ yellow, or try the black plastic with green graphics....
  2. Dave1979

    kawasaki puke green?

    Does anyone know if you can replace those puke green plastics on a 2004 KLX 400R....maybe they make them in the same color as the new lime green KX's...i know this is the suzuki forum, but since they are almost identical biikes, i thought maybe someone could help me out with this??/..thanks
  3. Dave1979

    Kawasaki puke green???

    Hey guys, im kinda new to this site so i havnt posted much. Does anyone know if there are replacement plastics for a 2004 KLX 400R?...that kawasaki puke green isnt the best color.....maybe you can get them in the new lime green color like the 06 KX's...any info would help thanks