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  1. 91 XR with new 77mm piston 280 cc bore. Has stock PD05B Kehin. Main jet spot on with #125. Off idle & midrange too rich - misses & bogs. Will drop needle and retest. It has a #40 "slow" jet. To check this circuit I set idle and slowly turn the pilot screw adjuster in (or out) to see if the idle RPM slowly rises. If i bottom the screw before it stops rising does that mean I need to go to the next size "slow" jet. If the screw is bottomed would that be richer (42) or leaner (37). The pilot screw adjusts air - right? So if I bottom out the screw (gently) I need a richer jet? and visa versa? Also if full drop of the needle does not does not clear out the off idle/part throttle mid range - what are my options? Drop the main and recheck wide open or go to a different stlye (thicker) needle?
  2. Albender

    Just purchased a 2006 DRZ-400s!!!!

    scramick, I'm in So Cal also. What dealer? Best I found was LAcyclesports who will only go to $5999.