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  1. bludog450

    05 wr wont run

    Hey all! My wr450 (05) will not idle without the choke on! any ideas? seems to run rough if i throtle up & turn of choke THANKS MARK
  2. bludog450

    05 wr450 valve adjustment

    hey,are there any tricks to this ,or just follow manual that came with the bike? The bike has a surging problem also at idle in gear clutch in rpms go up&down No changes have been made before surge problem. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP... BLUDOG450........
  3. bludog450

    she dies

    "05" wr450 all free mods done #48 pilot yzneedle clip position 4 screw 2 turns out. with the motor warm "sometimes" with the first touch of the throttle she dies .Starts right back up fine but may or may not die at the first touch again. Mabe 30% of the time it will die. Whats up with that!!!! Otherwise she rips!! Also ais removed and thest of the jets are stock. Any advice would be great!!
  4. bludog450


    I have a 05 wr450 just put a new rear spring ( go to race tech web site ) I used a #6.0 set the sag allother settings in factory standard position.worked fantastic now just need to tweak it. I'm 6'3" 270#s can't belive the diff. Race Tech has charts that you fill in the blanks and it will show you what is stock and what you need probably a5.8. good luck
  5. bludog450

    Pants that fit with knee braces.

    I wear don joy unloader braces on both sides . my shift recon pants fit great as a plus they have pockets and zippered vents also they zip off at the knees. good luck
  6. bludog450

    Question re: Trailtech install on 05 450

    I installed the Trailtech on my WR450 "05" by using the stock odom. bracket turned upsidedown then bent upward a little . But because I wanted it centered I had to make a plate that I pop rivited to the factory bracket (using the Trailtech base for a template) looks sweeeet!! also the unit still slides on&off easily. Sorry I'm not home to send pics. Good luck!!! :