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  1. lkubena

    CRF450X vs. CR500AFX

    Man, if I knew about this bike I woul dhave bought it instead of my 450X. I used to ride 500s from 18-25 but I thought they were not green sticker and not available, this bike is plain out sick. Anyone differ?
  2. lkubena

    What is the best exhaust for the X?

    Ok, I just recently pulled the baffle out of the stock pipe, rejetted to 170, pink wire and airbox side cuts and let me tell you the bike is completely different now... people are crazy if they think opening up the pipe makes no difference. The stock pipe is 5/8 od stock pipe without silencer is 1-3/4+ major diff and very noticible. No pipe on this bike will be good without jetting though and more air.
  3. lkubena

    ccc airbox cut w/ pics

    I have just test rode my 450X with the JD Kit 170 main 4th position Red Needle, airbox mode, just side vents and removed snorkle rubber, pink wire and removed muffler baffle. It is a demon on wheels now, but there was some popping on decel until I turned out the fuel screw. Bike pulls like my old 500. I am running a 12 paddle hooker with 49 tooth tri metal, the bike is always wanting to pull wheel stands.
  4. lkubena

    CRF450X 2005 poping

    Did not know if I was clear, but the smog pump has been removed prior to noticing the poping.
  5. lkubena

    CRF450X 2005 poping

    Sorry, forgot about that, yes I removed the smog pump and installed a block off kit.
  6. Just installed the JD Jetting kit, 170 main with red 4th position pin, cut the airbox sides and snorkel, pink wire mod and removed stock exhaust baffle. The bike starts right up, never did so fast before, runs like a bat out of hell but pops on downshift. I have a slavens fuel screw which I set approx back to stock turns, 1.25 as I recall. Have not noticed a glowing red header or anything but I did not look closely. Any suggestions, also is it common for the slavens fuel screw to be butted up agains the clear breather hose, with that there it does not turn, will have to push it out of the way to turn the screw. Finally forgot which direction the screw turns to open it up if you lookin gunder tha carb is it counterclockwise? Thanks....
  7. lkubena

    450X Paddle Tire Question.

    Dudes, ok first Cheng Shin sucks... chinese crap, I run a 12... count em 12 paddle hooker... this is the tire for big boys.... I run a tri metal 49 tooth sprocket. did not need a new chain or front sprocket, works fine and clears the swingarm.... you have to remove the mudflap, that is a given... I ride glamis and gordons wells in CA, sand capitals of the world!!!
  8. lkubena

    Stock muffler vs. aftermarket

    Dyno?? these look cool but have a lot of break points in the header, the stock pipe is seamless all the way to the muffler. That is why I am thinking the E2 is a better fit.
  9. lkubena

    Jetting proceedures

    Did you have to take out the airbox? Not the gas tank right, what does the Boyesen pump cover do?
  10. lkubena

    CA cam vs. 49 states

    What is the difference in performance, what is the cam doing differently vs. other 49 states?
  11. lkubena

    Jetting proceedures

    Anyone have any detailed proceedures for removing the carb and installing a jet kit, e.g. JD Kit? I was looking at the bike and man o man is it shoehorned up in there.
  12. lkubena

    Airbox holds battery

    How bout the E2 then, it seems the best for CA, I am affraid of the noise and spark arrestor Nazis, even though we ride in the middle of freakin nowhere in the desert. I have decided to pull the snorkel and cut the two side vents, that should be plenty and much more that stock, plus colder air from the sides vs. hot air off the engine.
  13. lkubena

    Airbox removal proceedures

    What are the sideplates?
  14. lkubena

    Airbox holds battery

    Where is that?