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  1. Bitching AND wishing for death? Thanks for the reply.
  2. Couple of questions: are the tracks reasonable for a relative noob on a 400lb KLR650? And, did you get shot at riding on the deer opener...?
  3. How many are being imported into the US this year?
  4. biodegraded

    how to make a street legal MX bike

    Going street legal depends on your state's laws. You'll have to look them up at your "friendly" DMV. From reports one reads, you can basically forget it in states like CA, whereas in my home of Utah, you can plate just about anything, 2-strokes included. For Utah, off the top of my head, the bike needs one left mirror, a hi/low headlight, a tail light with brighter brake indicator, a "sound device", aka horn, and a plate light. I've probably forgotten an item or two. Surprising to many is the bike does not need turn signals (use your arm) or a speedometer (no excuse when caught speeding, of course). This is for bikes without "street legal" equipment from the manufacturer. If the bike was made with turn signals, etc, it must still have them equiped, but such a bike was almost certainly street legal to begin with.
  5. At ~$50 for tools I'd only use once, I'm instead looking to borrow or rent the swan neck wrench and rotor puller bolt to change the "doohickey" on my KLR. I'm by the mouth of Parley's Canyon but will travel between Provo and Ogden to fetch them. Send me a PM if you can help. Thanks, Keith.
  6. biodegraded

    OK, I found another bike, KLR 650

    Rather amusing, isn't it? Apparently Kawasaki's idea of "dry weight" includes no brake pads, cables, light bulbs, tires and whatnot in addition to no fluids...
  7. biodegraded

    OK, I found another bike, KLR 650

    This link has measured weights of some common dual sports. The punchline for this thread is: KLR650 - Actual Measured Weight: 391 lbs (With 3 gallons of gas) - Advertised Dry weight: 337 lbs. DR650 - Actual Measured Weight: 365 lbs (With 3 gallons of gas) - Advertised Dry weight: 324 lbs
  8. biodegraded

    OK, I found another bike, KLR 650

    Pretty much 400lbs after you put 6 gallons of gas in it and a farkle or two on it.
  9. biodegraded

    Where to advertise WR450 for sale in UT?

    ksl.com is the place I check every weekday. I expect a lot of others do too.