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  1. fast_guy

    Lighting Coil

    I cannot help you with the air gap for your pickup coil today, but I will look it up on monday. So why do you say you are getting half the spark you should? The air gap has no effect on the intensity of the spark. Remember it only tells the cdi when to deliver the spark. Can you see spark when using a good known spark plug? If you were to cut the ground from the spark plug. does the spark jump to the edge of the plug. If it does your spark intensity is perfect. You may have problems elsewhere.
  2. fast_guy

    RMZ Reliability...kinda long.

    ok that is the most ridiculous and offensive statement I have ever heard. Factory trained techs sabotaging motocross bikes.Please!!!!!! Mabey we should all just forget about qualified technicians and do internet searches for the answers to our mechanical problems. . As for the poor fellow with the RMZ450 problem, it all boils down to improperly adjusting the cam chain tensioner. That is the only way it could possibly skip a tooth. I understand he explained the procedure he used to find tdc, but an error must have occurred. I have seen it many times. Also I have came across several automatic adjusters that have gotten jammed and failed to advance while the chain wears. Which system is better??? I am unsure they are both good systems. Adjusting your tensioner once a month is not that high a price to pay for the security in knowing your cam chain is adjusted properly. Hmmmmm did I open a can of worms here????? Let's see
  3. fast_guy

    BC Riders

    Greenstone and Chuwels are the best places in Kamloops to ride. I can go on a weekend, lay down 100k and hardly, if ever see a sole other than my riding buddies. The parking lots are full but they are filled with parking lot heroes who seldomely venture far from thier trucks. Which suits me fine....Leaves those good trails empty for me!!!!!!!!
  4. fast_guy

    450 tranny...

    My crf 450 did the same thing till I welded a shorter shift lever onto the shaft, it is from an old xr 100, the metal shifter is way stronger and having it welded to the shaft allows you to really stomp it into gear without stripping the splines. It works awesom and I am way faster now.