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  1. I'm in the process of adapting street wheels to my dual sport (1994 Yamaha XT600E). The bike is always used on the street except for the occasional trip to Colorado. I want the cast wheel look and the convenience of easily swapping between knobbies and street tires. The front wheel is a FZR400, it appears that it won't be much of problem to adapt. I'm using the Suzuki GS500E rear wheel. Unlike most swaps, I have plenty of room, machining the sprocket hub won't be necessary. Here's my question: The disc on the GS500 wheel is about 3/4" larger in diameter than the stock Yamaha disc. I can make a new mounting bracket and all that, but my concern is that the larger disc will create too much braking force on the rear and cause a lockup at the wrong time. Is this small difference in diameter something to worry about? What have been other's experience when changing to a larger disc on the rear? I can't turn down the disc on a lathe as then there would not be enough area for the pad to sweep the rotor. Any feedback?
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    Aftermarket Sprockets

    Thanks, I did. I am looking for steel, they only list aluminum.
  3. I'm working on adapting a Suzuki GS500 rear wheel to my dual sport. Where can I get rear sprockets in the 42-45T range? The OEM size is 39T, and so far manufacturers like JT and Sunstar have been no help. Who makes a good range of affordable sprockets?
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    17" Front Wheel Ride Height

    I'm new to this forum and the motard scene so please bear with me: I'm looking to replace the 21" front wheel on my 94 Yamaha XT600E with a 17". I just street ride/commute, but I want a second set of wheels so I can change quickly from dirt to street tires. As I commute on the freeway, I'm concerned that a smaller diameter front tire will increase the rake and cause headshake/instability. This has already been somewhat of an issue above 65MPH, but I solved it with a motard front fender. What has been the experience of you street riders that have convereted to a smaller front wheel?