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  1. Righetti High as in Santa Maria? If so, I used to live there too - I saw part of the movie "Thousand Plane Raid" filmed at the airport, back in the dark ages.
  2. I'd be interested in finding out how break-in affects milage. My bike is a stone-stock 2005 DRZ SM, with the only change being narrower, lower bars. My bike was a demo model, and was probably ridden pretty hard before I purchased it. I have purchased three different demo models over the years, and have always had good luck with them, performace-wise. I usually fill up at about 100 - 110 miles, and haven't hit reserve yet at that point. I've got to point out that I'm nearly fifty, and ride pretty conservatively, though. Dan
  3. When I'm really trying (lots of coasting, short-shifting, slow acceleration) I can get over 70 mpg. My normal commute results in about 50-60 mpg, from 30 - 65 mph.
  4. Totally stock '05 SM - last fill-up, 64.1 mpg. 35-40 mile round-trip commute, 30-65 mph. This tank, I'm going to try for really good mileage!