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  1. dcjones

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Righetti High as in Santa Maria? If so, I used to live there too - I saw part of the movie "Thousand Plane Raid" filmed at the airport, back in the dark ages.
  2. dcjones

    DRZ-SM Miles to a tank (before reserve)

    I'd be interested in finding out how break-in affects milage. My bike is a stone-stock 2005 DRZ SM, with the only change being narrower, lower bars. My bike was a demo model, and was probably ridden pretty hard before I purchased it. I have purchased three different demo models over the years, and have always had good luck with them, performace-wise. I usually fill up at about 100 - 110 miles, and haven't hit reserve yet at that point. I've got to point out that I'm nearly fifty, and ride pretty conservatively, though. Dan
  3. dcjones

    DRZ-SM Miles to a tank (before reserve)

    When I'm really trying (lots of coasting, short-shifting, slow acceleration) I can get over 70 mpg. My normal commute results in about 50-60 mpg, from 30 - 65 mph.
  4. dcjones

    MPG results?

    Totally stock '05 SM - last fill-up, 64.1 mpg. 35-40 mile round-trip commute, 30-65 mph. This tank, I'm going to try for really good mileage!