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    KTM produces what nobody else will. Purebread woods race bikes. Simple as that. If I were serious about woods riding there would only be 3 choices, 200xc, 250xc, and 300xc. I strictly ride moto and am torn between getting a 450sx and a crf450 as my next bike.
  2. Masterphil

    07 - 08 450r Efi

    Why not use a mechanical pump like V8's have been using for years? There's really nothing "hi-tech" on these new 450's anyway. Just keep it simple. All the tricks that are being used on these bikes are old school compared to current Formula 1 technology. Hell, even comparing them to a modern honda car engine makes them look low-tech.
  3. Masterphil

    How much should I pay for '06? '05?

    Well, the dealer just sold the used '06. Anyone who's bought an '06 recently, how much did you pay for it?
  4. My local honda dealer has a new '06 and a new '05 CRF450 sitting on the floor. They also have a barely used '06 sitting on the floor. They are asking $5000 for the used '06. That's the one that I want, but if I can't get it, how much should I expect to pay for the new '05 or '06. I'd really like to get the '06 over the '05, but I'm not sure that they will deal with me on it with the '05 still sitting on the floor.
  5. Masterphil

    07 - 08 450r Efi

    If they are going to base it off anything existing, why not use the CBR EFI as a starting point.
  6. Masterphil

    Clutch lever pull

    Maybe there is nothing wrong with the clutch. Maybe it is how you are using it. Do you pull in the clutch when you are going into every corner because you are afraid of stalling the bike?
  7. Masterphil

    starting line

    In the novice class, don't pick a gate next to any other riders. You'd be best off picking a gate as far away from everyone else possible and just taking the outside line in the first corner. You'll probably come out pretty close to the front.
  8. Masterphil

    Riding Tips?

    General rules for riding in the sand: Stay off the front break or the front tire will dig in and you'll probably get thrown off the bike. Scoot way back on the seat and weight off the front tire. Use way more throttle way earlier in the turns than you are used to doing. Lean that bike over. If it's really loose and thick, the rear isin't going to do anything but dig. Sand and deep gravel are really fun to ride in, you can just lean that sucker down and pin it.
  9. Masterphil

    Low maintenance 125

    A klx650 is a far cry from the high-revving 250f's. A modern 250f probably puts out about as much HP as your klx does. BTW, my 125sx has about 15hrs or hard MX abuse on it and it runs just as strong as the day I bought it.
  10. Masterphil

    yz-426 pipe

    The thunder alley is a hot pipe for the 426 motors. It adds a lot of snap on the bottom. It is well worth how much it costs, as long as you don't need some big-name nickel-plated titanium bling pipe.
  11. Masterphil

    '06 exhaust ,what is out there

    Why not a thunder alley?
  12. Masterphil

    are my valves shot?

    It's probably air leaking past an exhaust valve because the shim isint fully seated. Take the cam's and buckets off and make sure that the shims are fully seated in their grooves. If this was the problem, you weren't the first and wont be the last to do it.
  13. Masterphil

    Valves snapped in half!

    Don't you think that 200Hrs is a little much?? I mean, how often do you replace the piston?
  14. Masterphil

    New Dirt Rider Reveals the FI Yamaha...

    There's a small problem with using the current gas tank area as an airbox, you'd have to majorly redesign the head to keep the intake tract even closely resembling straight. How about that exhaust pipe that's running dangerously close to where you want to move the gas tank to. What about front/rear weight distribution, you think you need to get forward on the seat now...
  15. Masterphil

    I need help. Sound clip inside.

    Here's an update. The noise does not go away when I rev it like I originally said it did. The noise is still there, it's just harder to hear. I pulled the clutch side cover again today, the main gear, counterbalancer gear and clutch basket nuts were all very tight. There isint any slop in the counterbalencer or bearings for the CB. I'm just about ready to say **** it and ride the thing. But the last thing that I want is to really do some damage.