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  1. Have been riding a modded 650L for about 7yrs now. Apart from it's weight I'd convinced myself that it was an awesome bike and could do pretty much anything as long as you kept your feet on the pegs and kept it rolling. The new 511 has quickly changed my mind. Oodles of power and traction. And you can actually pick the thing up without risking a hernia. It's not quite the do it all dual sport the 650 is but it miles ahead on the trail.
  2. They are just sorta mushy I guess, Going to put higher bars on first and see how that feels. Sorry, they seem to go up fairly abruptly at times and don't seem to be comming down at an appropriate rate. Forks have a single compression dampening screw on the bottom. I am @200lbs. and will gladly suffer on the pavement if it means more managable on the trail. I will continue to adjust/experiment but was mainly wondering if anyone has considered or completed a similar mod and how it works. I do have a suspension tuning company in my area but I'd like to have some sortof idea whats available before I walk through there door.
  3. Thanks, I'll be sure to check back.
  4. Ok, I can live with the rear but I'm hopeful there is something I can do to the front. Considering new springs. Any advice will be greatly apreciated.
  5. I wouldn't park it there for any length of time but as long as your side plate fits well (XR650L) you can keep going well after the sound of the motor is muffled by water. It's a little eerie but she's yet to take a sip.
  6. I have never dropped my bike.....She does however seem to get tired and take an impromptu horizontal nap allong the trail without warning. 1-JB weld 2-Tire patch kit Don't leave home without them!!!
  7. I'm regularly up to and over the front fender and have never had any sort of problem. I've even got pics of it "steaming" it's way through a few nasty holes.
  8. Just went to a pirelliM21 140-80-18. Took off the top chain guard and it fit like a glove. Definately trying a terraFlex this fall though.
  9. You are right...I clean the one in my down tube regularly but I've never seen this. I'll have to check and update later.
  10. I'm running 14/48 and top out just over 130k/h but it still runs pretty well @ 100-110 and pretty much putts along at 80.
  11. This is exactly right, I thought I was stupid the first time I tried this as well.
  12. The gas on the right is just for ballance...(LOL) I love my 4.0 Clark but you do have to tip it over pretty far to get all the fuel or at least most of it. I also saw the Acerbis recently. I'm thinking it wouldn't take much to convert the clarke to work the same.
  13. Simple, air cooled and indestructible gives me peace of mind. I Fully Agree!
  14. kENDA 270'S. STABLE and long lasting and cheap. And still workable offroad.
  15. you won't regret it. Way more managable in the woods and it'll still do 130KPH. Plus wheelies in third gear!!!