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  1. NetviperX

    New eves neck brace

    Show me some science that proves that the leatt is better.....so many people brainwashed by marketing campaigns.....leatt should be paying you for your product endorsement. The leatt is hard plastic, and probably absorbs less impact and transfers more to other bones. $$$ does not equal better quality or better protection, it equals a stronger marketing campaign and more famous product endorsers.
  2. NetviperX

    Service manual for a 250?

    True that! I guess I should have said: I dont mess with my suspension, I just send it off! =)
  3. NetviperX

    Service manual for a 250?

    ahhh, see, I have Rg3 suspension, so the stock manual would not help me any how.
  4. NetviperX

    Service manual for a 250?

    http://www.repairmanualclub.com/index.php?dlid=482 Its actually for a 2003, but, It has worked for me with no problems.
  5. NetviperX

    Service manual for a 250?

    I got mine free online..........its for a 2004, but it has worked fine for my 2006 so far!!
  6. NetviperX

    2 smokes coming back?

    Those hats are sweet! Its nice when your hat can pull a chick for you! Makes it less work! 2smokes get great mpg. They are equal to the 4t if not better when it comes to fuel efficiency.
  7. Well companies never claim that the bike number correlates to the actual size of the engine....so they are not obligated to have the bike name and engine size match.
  8. NetviperX

    Lets see The Rm's

    My 2006 RM 250 Shes a little dirty and she screams =X
  9. My bike ( 2006 RM 250 ) seems to be running well! I have put over 5 hours of track time on it since I bought it ( bought it used) . It has started without the use of the choke since I bought it. I was reading some threads and was concerned that I should need the choke in order to start it, and perhaps its running to rich on start up. My bike has also started to smoke....just started this morning. I am thinking its because I changed my ratio from 36:1 to 32:1. The gas sat for over a week before I put it in. would that cause the smoke. I am going to try some 36:1 tonight and see if that makes the difference. Any other advice would be great! Ken
  10. NetviperX

    RM 250 troubles...

    Go online buy a manual for your bike, figure out our stock specs, and work from there. If you have some extra cash buy a JD jet kit for your bike. I just got my bike dialed in today! my first two stroke! From all the research that I have done your bike is running rich. Changing your premix ratio will not help you. You need to jet your bike correctly. Pick a ratio and jet for the conditions! For minor adjustment use the Air fuel ratio adjuster on the side of the carburetor. There is endless resources available in helping you jet your bike correctly....use them.
  11. NetviperX

    Premix, changing Ratios! Help!

    I ride hard! =) going to the track early tomorrow! lost a seat bolt today! don't know what I am going to do to hold that mofo down at the track! I wonder what time home depot opens.
  12. NetviperX

    Premix, changing Ratios! Help!

    thanks, I will mix my next batch at 32:1 and stick with that.
  13. I just bought a 2006 RM 250 ( I am loving it ), I have no idea what the premix ratio was. The bike is running perfect on the gas that was in the bike. I mixed up some 36:1 with Maxima super M premix. I figured that the existing gas was either 32:1 or 40:1. I am not sure. I am worried that if the gas was jet with a premix that was set to 32:1 that it will be running to lean? or rich? will 36:1 be a significant change in engine wear? The bike seems to be running well on the 36:1 gas, what are some warning signs I should look for? I don't want to blow it up, I just got it! Thanks for your help, Ken
  14. NetviperX

    Ediots in front of us at Supercross

    I know 50 year olds that are successful, make good money, and have smoked weed everyday for the last 30 years. Pot is not that big a deal these days. Hell i would rather smell weed than cigarette smoke. Your kids might not know what it is now, but they soon will. Your attitude toward weed, will probally drive them to give it a try. Who knows maybe they will smoke weed for the rest of their lives?
  15. NetviperX

    Penaties for reckless riding

    whats is reckless for some people is thrilling for others, if you are puttting some one elses life or property at risk, then thier should be penalties.