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  1. Thank you everyone for the replies! I appreciate the help. I think I will jet try to sell it as a complete bike. Now I just need to look around a bit to see what it's worth. Thanks again everyone!
  2. I have a used 1998 YZ400F that's just taking up space in my basement. I bought it new and have maintained it very meticulously. My question to all of you fellow dirt bike riders is; Which would bring the best return on my investment? Should I part it out on eBay or try to sell it as a complete running motorcycle? Things to consider: 1. I live in an area of about 60K people in southeast Missouri where dirtbikes (especially 13 yrs. old) aren't necessarily at the top of people's wish list. 2. I have zero experience selling anything on eBay. Thank you, VET_TREESLAMMER