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  1. SpdKlzU

    What size tire for 18" rim?

    Thanks man. I ride everything (track and trail), so I was debating between buying a 19" rim (the bike came with black excels with talon hubs) and relacing the rear, or just buying another 19" wheel (rim and hub) and keep the 18 incher for trail riding. What width rim do you need to fit a 130? How much of a difference did that make compared to the 19"?
  2. SpdKlzU

    What size tire for 18" rim?

    Thanks for the reply! Well, as far as suspension goes. It's currently revavled for a slightly heavier rider (10-15lbs), so it's not horribly off. I have sag setup slightly on the low-side at about 95-97mm. I have the STR speed-bleeders installed so I'm pretty good about bleeding the forks. I will play with the clickers on my next ride out, I do need to re-check my rebound after my last (minor) sag adjustment. Thanks again for the suggestions! Keep them coming
  3. Hey guys, I just bought an '02 CRF450R that was fitted with an 18" rim. I'm trying to figure out why it's a bit slow to turn and was wondering if maybe it's cus of the 18" rim with 100/100 tire mounted. Surely to maintain the same rolling diameter, wouldn't I need at least a 110/100-18 to get close to the stock 110/90-19. Current (100/100-18) = 18" rim + ( 100mm sidewall * 2 ) = 457mm + 200mm = 657mm Swap to 110/100-18 = 18" rim + ( 110mm sidewall * 2 ) = 457mm + 220mm = 667mm Stock (110/90-19) = 19" + ( 99mm sidewall * 2 ) = 483mm + 188mm = 671mm It looks like I need to swap tires to get that extra 10mm of extra tire. I guess that's only a 5mm increase in height, but that could be enough to sharpen the steering. On a side note, does the handling with a 19" rim realy make that much of a difference? Thanks in advance!
  4. SpdKlzU

    RaceTech Springs/Gold Valves for '99 YZ-250?

    Cool, more good info! I'll probably take a stab at the forks first next week (I HAVE to go ride this weekend!) and then I should be either confident enough to do the shock or have lost enough blood and sweat to dish out the cash to have it done by a pro Also, did you already have the right springs BEFORE you had the gold valves installed? From reading some of the threads on here, it's hard to tell if the changes were just due to the correct springs and fresh oil or nitrogen recharge. Thanks again.
  5. SpdKlzU

    RaceTech Springs/Gold Valves for '99 YZ-250?

    Cool thank man. Taking the forks apart doesn't seem too bad, but dismantling the shock looks a bit involved. Stupid manual doesn't show you how either. Anyone know of any good guides?
  6. SpdKlzU

    RaceTech Springs/Gold Valves for '99 YZ-250?

    Hey thanks for the fast reply man! Do you happen to remember how much it cost you to install them? I'll probably tackle the install myself. I'm a bit of a tool whore, so any excuse to buy some new tools Did you find the gold valves had enough adjustability for what you were doing? I ride both MX and trail and want the suspension to work well in both. Thanks again.
  7. Hey guys, just wondered how many of you had installed RaceTech springs and gold valves in your forks/shock? I have a '99 YZ-250 that was resprung for a lighter rider (140lbs) while I am in the 180lb range. I think the shock may have been revalved too. If you have installed it, could you tell me: Performance results. Are you happy with it? How easy was the install (particularly the shock) I could have the bike reworked by a shop for about $800 or do it myself with the RaceTech setup for about half that; that is certainly appealing. I'm not a racer. I just want to "undo" the current setup and have something that works well for my weight. Any info appreciated!
  8. SpdKlzU

    VOR 503 - Trail worthy?

    Oh yeah, and I was talking about the SM not the Enduro...
  9. SpdKlzU

    VOR 503 - Trail worthy?

    Evenin' all! I'm a new guy here in the market for a motard/dual-sport and liked the look of the VOR 503. I know a few folks on here have one and was wondering if any of you hit any trails (as in off-road) with them? I hear they have great handling on the street and track, but was curious if they could handle a little off-road duty too (no crazy jumps or anything). If you have taken her off-road, could you please give your feedback along with any additional setup you did, i.e. different rims/tires, brakes, etc. Thanks a bunch! Unfortunately I'm not going to be around a computer starting tomorrow afternoon but I really appreciate any responses and I'll jump back online as soon as I can Cheers! -Gim