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  1. would anyone have an idea of the engine rpm at 50,60 and 70 mph?I'm riding a 03 drz400s with a 47t rear and 606's. with these gas prices I'm riding much more on the road.But with the knobs I can't tell how fast I'm turning? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. yellerdr

    Anyone running there DRZ400s motor stock?

    I'm running stock except for a 47 on the rear.I would change it back to 44 if i could get those bolts loose.Also would anyone know how fast the motor is turning at 60mph?
  3. yellerdr

    Gas mileage

    I thought about this myself stock 03' S running a 47 on rear. Has been around 50,but I'm on the throttle alot myself. So last ride backroads kept it under 50 mph 65.5mpg!