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  1. BikeOnDude

    electrical problem 06 te 510

    If there is no change of voltage between stopped and running there is no charge going to the battery. Check all connections and make sure their home and check the fuses next to the battery. Does it start from the battery, I guess not. On the two yellow wires between the stator and the regulator you should see an AC voltage with the bike running.
  2. BikeOnDude

    Merriman on Husky for 2006

    The TE range has always been street legal in Australia. The two-year warranty is great. Do the Yanks have the two-year warranty yet?
  3. BikeOnDude

    Over-revved my TE410?

    You may need to ride it to get the oil to come past the counter shaft seal.
  4. BikeOnDude

    Over-revved my TE410?

    I had a 99 410 and my first guess would be counter shaft seal, behind the front sprocket. Look for a chain that has more oil on it than normal and a front sprocket that is wet with oil. But you still need find out for sure where the oil is coming from.