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  1. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Question

    Yep, I bought the bike from Dan at Motoxotica. I rode yesterday at Prairie City and then I took it out today for another ride at Elkins Flat. It was a little icy in spots but the bike is awesome. Can't wait until it's broken in!
  2. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Question

    Thanks! I live in Northern California. It never gets too cold to ride here! I'll have to find a place to post a photo.
  3. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Question

    Too late now, I just bought a 2005 FE-550!
  4. Kawadougie

    Anybody own a 05' FC550?

    I was going to buy a 2002 FE-550 but like you I was told that it would not be a good idea. KTM bought the company in 2003 and applied some good old quality control. In 2004 the motors got an upgrade and in 2005 the suspension was upgraded. I bought the Husaberg over the others simply because of weight. I rode the KTM EXC and although not exactly the same as the SX, I found the Husaberg to handle way better and it had a lot more power. No contest.
  5. Hey Bob, I would like to get involved in this too. I work for the local utility and get certified with first aid and CPR every year. I have been at a couple of work parties hosted by Jon but I've missed a lot because of a conflicting event or family stuff.
  6. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Fork Angle Change

    You're right. The manual does say it's for the FS. Thanks
  7. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Fork Angle Change

    In the service manual for my 2005 Husaberg FE550 it shows how the fork stem is offset and the fork caster can be switched between two positions.(fast & slow turning) Has anyone done this yet?
  8. Kawadougie

    Husaberg 550 Ride Report - New Bike!

    About two weeks ago I rode a friend's KTM 525 EXC. My eyes were opened and I saw the light. The four stroke light ,that is. Yesterday I sold my beloved KX-500 and drove over to Motoexotica in Vacaville, California. I bought a 2005 Husaberg FE-550. By the way, the owner; Dan is a great person to buy a bike from. He is an enthusiast and a fellow rider. We were a little late getting started today but ended up In Georgetown at Bald Mountain. It was still cold and the ground was frozen. The first section was rocky and downhill and the front end was bouncing all over the place. I backed off the clickers to 5 on the compression and 4 on the rebound and that was all it took. By the end of the day it was apparent that this was not only a great dirt bike, but the best one I have ever ridden. It isn't for everyone, it doesn't have a lot of flywheel effect and a ton of bottom end. The KTM is better for that. It's well made for folks like me that have a "Point and Shoot" type of riding style. Dan recommended this bike over the 450 since it makes a lot more horsepower. It feels a lot lighter than the KTM, much like a two stroke 250 in weight but with a lot more torque. I really didn't get much of a chance to open it up too much since I was breaking the motor in and we would ride for about five miles or so and let it cool down. I wondered about the electric start but it proved it's worth on a steep rocky uphill switchback on trail 6 when I killed the motor and it came right back to life with a quick stab to the magic button. My friend Jerry recently upgraded from a KDX-200 to a KX250 set up for the woods. He said that with the 250 he was finally able to hang with me on the KX-500 and now he was going to have to try a lot harder. I guess Kawadougie needs a new username!
  9. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Question

  10. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Question

    Thanks, that's just the information I was looking for.
  11. Kawadougie

    Husaberg Question

    I'm looking on Cycle Trader dot Com for a Husaberg and I find no less than three 2002 470's for sale with low mileage for around $3500. Are there any problems I need to be aware of?