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  1. tarry

    PWR radiators

    I had them on my 06 wr 450. They were a tight fit, but worked great. If you crunch the stock ones, they are the way to go when replacing them!
  2. tarry

    wr 450f mod questions

    idles great but whut? info is the key to get help! Maybe if it idles good but bogs/dies when you open the throttle, maybe a clogged jet? Without more info it is hard to help much.
  3. tarry

    air filter cage hole

    question answered
  4. tarry

    Oil Help

    Sounds like the plug that replaces the manual decompression plug.If that is it you can get one from the TT store, cheap and easy to fix!
  5. The 05 wr is a great bike. Do the mods, grey wire,throttle stop, airbox snorkle, jet it right, I used a JD kit, and at least get a pipe from a yzf. I am 220 lbs. without gear and race x-country. It has never had a problem pulling my rear end up any hill I have dared to climb! Although I did get the suspension set for my weight, and put a Dr. D pipeon it, the bike will surly make you happy,it will crawl in 1st or 2nd and it seems to rev really fast, I passed up a chance on a '07 because I am just plain happy with mine.
  6. tarry


    The Happy Button has saved my arse a bunch of times! You ever stall in a very bad spot you would not ride without one. I race x-country and it sucks to be kicking your bike while others are passing you. But to get back to the issue it really depends on your style!
  7. tarry

    SMOG removal

    One good question, did all the free mod's and smog on my son's 450 at one time. The wr during break-in and after was two different bikes. Others have suggested doing one at a time but I am a all or nothing guy. Like you I kind of wonder.
  8. tarry

    hot cams...are they worth it?

    Just a thought, get your suspension reworked for your weight and type of riding. I did this to my wr250 and it was well worth the money. All the power in the world will do you no good if you can not hook it to the ground or control your bike as well as you could.
  9. tarry

    Valve adjust cost?

    I cost us 116 dollars to check and adjust at a shop in Tx.,does not sound to hard, I would do it myself if I would just get a tourqe wrench.
  10. tarry

    false neutral?

    I have a 05 wr250 and it does the same thing. It does not do it all the time, so I think that it is more of rider error. I could be wrong, and if I am I would like to know. It really bites to get passed in a race when this happens!
  11. tarry

    which skid plate

    You are right about the slots, the Flatland model has a lot of holes in the front to allow airflow.
  12. tarry

    white specks in radiator???

    It works great down here in our Texas summers, we race in the lousy heat and have not had a boil over yet. Two 250f's and a 450f.
  13. tarry

    which skid plate

    I think that the Flatland model is the best. I have a Devol on my wr 250, and my son has the Flatland on his yz 250f and his wr450,and while they both do the job very well, the Flatland is thicker and bolts on with less trouble. You will not go wrong either way, but IMO you should get the Flatland. BTW, we race cross country and have had no problems with either one.
  14. tarry

    wr250f reliable?

    I am 225 lbs. 5' 10.5'' and race/ride cross country here in Tx. and the bike is all I want! I am biased though, the bike does all well from riding around spectating to all out racing!
  15. tarry

    YZ250F Spark plug issue

    Not quite sure what you could mean by a (minute amount MAY have dropped in) everytime I change the plug I assume that something has fallen in. Good or bad, I slowly kick the motor over a few times in hopes of working any foriegn matter out the exh. without doing any harm. I do rinse real good with wd 40 before hand in hopes of preventing this kind of problem though. I guess it depends on money/time/or patience!