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  1. Thanks Guys! Those are both PERFECT!
  2. I am waiting for a Trail Bikes 88cc Big Bore Kit to come in the mail. My question is how easy is this install? This is the first time I have done something like this so not sure what to expect? A link to any sites or threads explaing how to do it would be killer! Also any thing else I need to do/consider when doing the swap? Thanks!
  3. just got my renewal in the mail with no issues!!! Its all good!!!!
  4. xr400!!!
  5. whst he said!
  6. I ride pismo somtimes with some guys that are rally hardcore!!! None of them run paddles they all say they suck!!! They all run a sand tire. Good Luck!
  7. If you got a honda try this one: Its a little smaller, but is almost honda red! and $4:thumbsup:
  8. I have never done any racing, but am very interested in doning this race! What is required of me in order to race? and is this a good race for newbies? any other info? thanks!!!
  9. Home Depot.....$5 I got the idea here:
  10. The other Toy!
  11. They are still plating bikes in cali! I did one on friday:thumbsup: BTW My 450x is also plated.....its easy! Sorry.............WRONG!
  12. your 02 is worth no more than $3,000.........Ive been looking
  13. Dealers dont know shit! Call 10 dealers and ask them if you run the oil with "Moly" on the tranny side or motor side and you will get 10 different answers! I tried it......BTW the moly goes on the motor side (no clutch)
  14. I get Tired Balls from cheating
  15. Gps

    buy this kinda stuff at LIFETIME SATISFACTION GARUNTEE I got my 76cx there!