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  1. wstecker

    XT Poeple out there??

    Wow, way to go XT guys! I started this thread then just disappeared. I don't have my '88 anymore, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a later e-start model.
  2. wstecker

    XT600 Question

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I was thinking it was a oil pressure sensor or something. I ordered a new one from the local Yamaha shop for 2 bucks, I guess I'll find out if it comes with the O-ring. Since the Yam shop can't get anything faster than 4 business days, I guess I'll slap some gasket gunk on there so I can ride this weekend. Speaking of which, I'm going to be DSing it around the Johnson County, TX countryside this Saturday morning if anyone would like to join in. Not too much off road stuff since the XT has Trailmax's mounted right. I'll be looking for twisty county roads/FM roads and dirt/gravel back roads Again, thanks for the help! WS
  3. wstecker

    XT600 Question

    This not really a TTR question, but this forum is about the closet I could find. I have an 88 XT600 with a leaky plug in the crankcase. This is not the main oil plug on the bottom, but another one on the side of the case behind the oil line. The plug has a spring loaded pin in it that protrudes into the crankcase. It also has an electrical connection that is fastened to the plug by a phillips screw. The wire runs back up into the harness under the gas tank I think, although I haven't traced it to its' origin. The problem is that oil is seeping from around the spring-loaded pin I mentioned earlier. The rubber seals are shot, I'm guessing. So what is the function of this little gizmo? I haven't torn into too many bike motors, but I've been through a fair number of car motors and never run across something like this. I plan on just replacing the plug assuming I can find a new one. If I have trouble finding it, is there another way to seal it up? TIA for any help. If it would be helpful I can snap a couple of pics of it and post them later. Let me know. WES Added links to pictures. In the first pic you'll see the hole where the plug threads in just above the shifter. The other two are of the plug itself. http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i77/wstecker/OilPlug3.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i77/wstecker/OilPlug2.jpg http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i77/wstecker/OilPlug1.jpg
  4. wstecker

    XT Poeple out there??

    Are there many XT riders out there? I realize my 88 XT600 is kinda a dinosaur compared to the new hardware, but the old girl is still going strong. Just wondering what kind of following the old XTs still have. WS
  5. wstecker

    XT600 Carb Replacement

    Has anyone out there done a Keihin (or other) conversion on a XT/TT 600? If so, what did you do with the 2nd intake port, since the Keihin seems to be a more conventional 1 bbl affair (as opposed to the stock 2bbl carb). Do you just block it off or is there some sort of manifold or adapter available out there somewhere? Thanks for any input! WS 89 XT600