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  1. David96Z

    Making a street legal motard in Virginia

    That's the reason you go to the DMV on 2 seperate occations. The title you get will not say "Off Road Use". At least that is what I'm told.
  2. David96Z

    Brake Rotor mounts universal?

    Your right I just rechecked my document and it is a 310mm. So forget about the size for a moment. The question I'm trying to ask is if a rotor from some other manufaturer (ie KTM) will fit my DRZ. I found a 320mm wave on Ebay listed as a KTM/Husaberg rotor and want to know if it will mount to my hub.
  3. David96Z

    Brake Rotor mounts universal?

    I have an 05 DRZ400SM and it already hase 320mm front brake rotor. I want to put a wave rotor on. Is the mounting model specific or universal? Thanks David
  4. David96Z

    Help me decide on SM tires, please!

    I just put on a Metzler M1 on my 400SM and I really like it so far. It's a 150/70/17. I've had very good luck with Metzler in the past. David
  5. David96Z

    Man, those SM tires are expensive

    Yeah I ran over a piece of a leaf spring on my brand new SM and wanted to replace the tire with the stock Dunlop D208 140/60R17 and was told it was $300 and only avail from Suzuki. I bought a Metzler M1 150/70R17 for $120 delivered instead. I tried to find that Dunlop everywhere with no luck, Dunlop doesn't even show it avail on their website. I assume that it's OEM for the DR Z400SM only. David
  6. David96Z

    Making a street legal motard in Virginia

    Other that the obvious lights and such, this is what I was told by a local shop here in Richmond. First when you buy a bike you get a Certificate of Origin. Take that to DMV and tell them you need a title for insurance purposes. Acouple of days later go back and register it and get plates. He says do these on seperate days as to not throw any flags. Hope this helps. David
  7. David96Z

    Going to start riding my S on commute

    I've been getting about 62 on my completly stock SM
  8. David96Z

    What Did you pay for your DRZ400SM?

    I payed $6100 (us) inc taxes, title and tags. David
  9. David96Z

    05 400SM max rear tire size?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Now it's down to finding the right tire for me. David
  10. David96Z

    05 400SM max rear tire size?

    I just bought an 05 DM Z400SM (less than a week old) and I ran over a piece of metal on the road and now need a new tire. It came with a 140 70R17, but seems to be difficult to find at local shops. What is the max rear tire size for this bike? Thanks David